Oakville teacher’s controversial attire prompts Halton…

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Oakville teacher’s controversial attire prompts Halton District School Board to review dress code

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  1. This is the rare time I find myself disagreeing with their policies around this stuff.

    The teachers attire is distracting and unnecessary. I fully support trans, LGBTQ+ and all gender rights but man or woman, when the nipples of your (prosthetic) breasts are purposefully poking through your shirt it’s unprofessional and not appropriate around high school kids. Likewise, man or woman, biking shorts are not appropriate to be teaching in, especially every single day in combination with the breasts. It genuinely strikes me that this individual is prioritizing their sexuality or their statement on this matter above their commitment to their job. Totally fine, but not fine while you’re _at_ your job, especially when it’s teaching kids.

    I respect the board is in a tough position here but allowing this as is just strikes me as somewhat absurd.

  2. If a CIS woman or student came to school dressed like that, what would the repercussions be?

    If a trans man came to school in skin-tight shorts and a 14″ prosthetic penis very obvious to all, would that be allowed? If a well-endowed CIS male teacher or student showed off in the same way, what would be done about it?

    Whether or not the teacher is trolling, has mental health issues or just wants to express themselves in this manner, it is in no way appropriate for a school setting. Go to a club on Saturday night and you do you. But not in the classroom.

    Everyone is far too afraid to offend, to be labeled transphobic, to be see as a bad person. But they all lost sight of the fact that the behaviour is not appropriate for anyone in that setting.

  3. Reading through the comments in multiple posts about this subject, it’s sad that people feel the need to preface their comments with some variation of “I support trans rights” to avoid people thinking that they’re a transphobe.

    This isn’t about being pro or anti-trans — it’s about having a sense of decency and not making a spectacle of yourself in front of high school kids. If I showed up to teach class in a Speedo, people would be (rightfully) horrified. The school board is so terrified of a potential lawsuit that they’re accepting the unacceptable.

  4. The individual in question made a choice to wear prosthetics. They could easily choose less ridiculous prosthetics and still be pursuing their transition. If the kids are subject to a dress code it is reasonable to expect the staff to meet a similar standard.

  5. This has nothing to do with trans rights. This is a teacher violating the dress code blatantly in a way that students or other teachers are not allowed to. There’s probably a lot of transphobia as a result of this person which is a shame, but the backlash in general makes perfect sense

  6. This isn’t a tough position for the board at all. Everyone is making it seem like one. It’s simply a matter of someone wearing something inappropriate and should be dealt with as such.

  7. The teacher’s attire really isn’t appropriate at all. The way they are dressed looks like they fetishize the concept of being a woman. Feed off the attention they get from others. Yes, expressing yourself/gender is something that everyone should be able to do. Now the clothes they are wearing is “formal work” setting attire and having prosthetic breasts is a must for trans woman as a form to express their visible gender and help their body dysmorphia. But do you see real woman, that have large breasts that size having their breasts sag and nibbles protruding in such a unappealing way? No, woman that have that size, suffer from back pain and need to be supported by bras. Everyone wants to look good. But the said teacher doesn’t seem like that, but looks like they are into looking like a silicone blow up doll. This is the same as a teacher exposing their underwear, cleavage in a workspace. First and foremost, they are teaching students, children, and they need to review hard on if they would allow kindergarten being taught by said teacher. No one in the school board or school wants to voice anything publicly and are walking on eggshells as they don’t want to get backlash from LGBT+ groups or any activism related persons. In the school environment right now, if there is any hate or bullying, without talking to said bully will get a phone call and expelled. (Happened to me when I told the counsellor of racism and homophobia I faced) They don’t accept any racism or discrimination in school environments and such don’t know what to do.

  8. If my kid was at this school Id pick them up every day with a 24″ horsecock in my pants to express my sexual identity until they return to reality and use some common sense

  9. It seems likely to me that this teacher is anti-trans rights and is attempting to make a mockery of gender expression.

    I could also see this being a authentic trans person and the principal or another administrator told her it was fine to be trans, but keep it toned down. So in response they are doing an “I’ll show you toned down.”

    I challenge everyone to attempt to write a policy that would prohibit the teachers outfit without violating the human rights code. The best I can come with is “employees are not to wear clothing which intentionally displays their nipples,” but intentional is a tough thing to prove.

  10. I actually feel really bad for the Trustees on this issue. They’re being absolutely hounded by hate groups and alt-right crazies right now for something they probably didn’t even know about until this week.

    I saw the Twitter trend last night on this matter and it was full of just the most disrespectful people you can find. It’s fine to have an opinion on this matter but some people are being absolute jackasses over this.

    IMO I think the entire thing is overblown. But that’s the internet for you.

  11. A biological woman with breast of that size would be asked to cover them up as well and dress more modestly in front of the students. This ain’t a trans issue this is a basic decency issue

  12. I pride myself in being an accepting, tolerant and thoughtful guy but I have to say, this teacher and their “attire” has me reconsidering my support.
    It is obviously not okay to dress like this in a classroom.
    If I showed up to yeah middle schoolers wearing a blazer, Oxford and jeans with 24” dildo shoved down my pant leg I bet I’d be shown the door RFQ!

  13. This guy was the freedom convoy equivalent of LGBTQ+ protestors. Sometimes you’re persecuted for being an asshole not for your issue.

  14. Given how brutal teenagers can be, I think I would only come to the classroom in a beige, shapeless sack dress were I tasked with teaching high school. Seriously, there’s really nothing like being clowned by a group of bored teenagers, and I don’t mean that in a good way.

  15. I had to check that this isn’t r/canada before this next part but,

    Trans women are women and should adhere to district policy on women’s dress code, for teachers. I can’t think of single female teacher I ever had from grade school to university who would have been allowed to dress like that. Women of all shapes and sizes, of various endowments, possibly some even nearing similar size to individual in question would never be allowed or even considered to be allowed by faculty, board members, and unions to dress in such a way.

    I can’t offer a solution because this type of issue is well above my knowledge of the sensitive subjects that surround it, but my opinion is that everyone, male, female, non binary, ect. should adhere to a singular dress-code, we don’t really need gender specific dress codes anymore to be honest, men can wear dresses and women can wear suits if you still care about that stuff you shouldn’t be teaching our children anyway. Just normalize it for everyone.

  16. I want to be supportive but, after seeing the picture I can’t. That’s ridiculous. I’m not even sure it’s safe because it’s adding an extra 3 feet to his front while working with a lathe. For example, you can’t wear a necklace or rings when working with this machinery but something attached to your front like that…I don’t know.

  17. Considering how much this looks like my third grade teacher Mrs. Darby, I don’t see the big deal. Darby’s bazookas hung even lower than this.

  18. If the teacher is trolling, then he/she won the game.

    Everybody’s talking about it, the school board tries to defend him for virtue points while they continuously avoid to look at the absolutely outrageous attire and not even asking the teacher some explanations.

    This just shows how it’s an ideology and there’s no possible discussions around the subject. They’re trying to defend the indefensible and the teacher is probably laughing the whole way to the classroom.

  19. If a human wants the awful back pain that comes with breasts of that caliber, who am I to stop them? Please kindly take my back pain while you’re at it!

  20. Why do they need to “review” the dress code? Just enforce it. It already forbids exposed (including seen through clothing) nipples.

  21. The HDSB dress code is very interesting, you shoudl all read it before considering your comments on the teacher in question.

    The dress code speaks to students being free from body shaming, free to express their gender, sexuality, religion, ethnic background. It states that individuals are responsible for their own feelings about what someone is wearing. It then says that students cannot wear anything that expresses violent content, drugs or alcohol. It says that the school can enforce safety attire where needed (ie shop class). Then it finishes by saying “Dress codes must prevent students from wearing clothing that exposes or makes visible genitals and nipples.”

    That’s it…so if a student shows up to school in a thong and pasties they are welcome and compliant with the dresscode. If another student shows up in jeans and a Blue Jays t-shirt that came from a case of budwiser they are in violation of the dress code and must be sent home to change because that t-shirt will have a budwiser logo on it.

    It is my firmly held personal belief that this teacher is playing a game and seeking the attention for some reason other than a desire to express their gender identity. I hope I am wrong, because if they are they are dismissing all of the people who are legitimately trying to express their self chosen gender.


  22. That photo of her in shop class is giving me serious Mrs Doubtfire vibes. Even my natural girls get packaged up pretty tightly when I’m working with power tools.

  23. If a cis-gender women was dressing like this at school would it be allowed? Would it be considered appropriate? Something tells me that it wouldn’t be.

    I’m all for trans rights, let people live and be who they want to be. I can’t help but think that there are some ulterior things at play with this individual.
    Are they trying to instigate some sort of trouble? Are they living out some sexual fantasy?
    Something just seems very off.

  24. Assuming this is a trans woman, she deserves to be treated like all of the other female teachers at the school. Would they be allowed to show up to work like that?

    I am not a fan of dress codes with the reasoning of “girls could distract boys” blah blah blah. But I do think that some professionalism is warranted; you would not show up to work in a bikini or pajamas right?

    Also, I see the statement about how they support all diversity and aspects of people’s lives, but it is good to keep your personal life separate from your professional life as needed. If you are into BDSM that is fine, but don’t show up to work in full bondage gear.

  25. I’m super confused by this. I thought there was a release that the wrong teacher was identified initially. Is anything actually verified with this story?