NVIDIA will badly miss Q2 earnings. Primarily driven by lack…

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  1. * Preliminary second quarter revenue of $6.70 billion versus outlook of $8.10 billion

    * Shortfall versus outlook primarily driven by weaker Gaming revenue

    * Management to discuss financial results and outlook on Aug. 24 earnings call

  2. RTX 3080 costs $900 in my country. It’s 2 years old tech. It released at $800. It should’ve been ~$600 by now

  3. “reduction in channel partner sales likely due to macroeconomic headwinds.” rofl they mean “crypto crashed and we can’t gouge people for GPUs no more, oh no”

  4. Fuck em at this point. I still have the 20 series and its just fine. So late in the game I’ll just wait for the 40 series.

  5. Lack of ~~gaming~~ mining demand, unsold old-gen inventory, looming recession threatening further demand growth for new-gen products. Let it rain baby. Rain losses instead of profit.

    Fuck them.

  6. The prices for these cards are ridiculous, especially this late into the cycle. Now that mining demand has subdued discounts and price cuts should be getting better than they are. I’m still rocking my 1080 and at this point why bother upgrading when prices are this high and my card still performs well.

  7. Guess another case where the free market works right nvidia? If no one buys your price, maybe the price is wrong

  8. Hopefully nVidia and retailers learned their lesson in letting scalpers and miners take every single GPU for themselves, I guess we will know whenever 400 series comes around their stock is somewhat stable…

  9. Won’t someone think of the billionaires, come on guys we all need to go out and buy still horribly prices cards from years ago!

  10. Choking the market for 2+ years and massively inflating GPU prices will do that.

    Add to that the crashing crypto markets and you get shit earnings.

    Serves them fucking right, they’ve been scalping people long enough and now everyone is sick of it.

  11. I’m still running a 1080Ti and would like to eventually upgrade but the shit is way too expensive right now and with the raised cost of everything else, it’s unreasonable to buy a card for me.

  12. Drop the prices then, I’d love to upgrade from my RX 5700 XT for some light ray tracing, but where I life even the RTX 3060 is about €500-.

  13. Well crypto crashed and we aren’t that far away from the new GPU series being released (both red and green). So not really much incentive to buy now when cards are their prices are obviously projected to have significant drops.

  14. Well who the fuck has money in 2022 to be buying GPUs? Crypto is crashing, normal people can hardly afford to pay their bills, and the rich already have the best GPUs of the year.

    Who exactly are they making products for at this time?

  15. I love how these shareholders are doomsaying over undeniably good things happening.

    “What, the pandemic is *over*? We need those Netflix subscriber counts going up, not down! And *you*, Nvidia… What happened to all those people buying graphics cards to run electronic Ponzi schemes, huh? You’re just gonna tell me that people got tired of defrauding each other? *Oh, please*.”

  16. Its funny how many people on reddit argued that the new high prices would be forever because gamers would get used to paying these prices and that most gamers are “upper income” The fact is that most gamers either can’t or won’t pay inflated prices and the only way they’re sustainable is when crypto is expensive.

  17. Just sitting over here laughing my ass off. I don’t feel bad for their current plight at all, it was of their own making. Avarice is a hell of a drug.

  18. I tried for months to get a 30 series GPU at my local micro center. People were lining up at 8pm the night before an anticipated gpu shipment (Houston). Within hours, you would see those same cards on offer up for $1k over retail, as high as $4k for a 3090. I eventually gave up. The schadenfreude I am experiencing right now is giving a lot of happiness. The Crypto & scalping communities sucks and so does Nvidia for price gouging during a pandemic. Fuck them. Hope their share price plummets. The boarding only remembers a CEOs most recent quarter, let’s see how they react…

  19. I saw an rtx 3090 ti on sale for $1100 Canadian dollars yesterday. That is about $855 freedom dollars. They’re getting desperate HOLD THE LINE!

  20. Boohoo. Years of being unable to find one anywhere other than from scalpers and people who fried them mining crypto has resulted in a lot of us putting our disposable income into upgrading other parts of our PCs instead. I’ll upgrade my GPU eventually, probably in the next couple of years, but not until prices come back down to realistically affordable levels and not until I really need to for the games I’m playing. After sitting in a lottery for a 3 series since they released and only getting my ticket pulled a month and a half ago, I just laughed at the emails I got. One after another “guess what, you can finally buy this one…and this one…and this one!”. Sorry, spent that money somewhere else long since.