Nuclear fusion: Ignition confirmed in an experiment for the…

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  1. I work in a connected field; lots of fusion people want to test their materials on my accelerators. Fusion is really having lots of cash thrown at it at the moment and lots of competing ideas are getting tested. Some of the privately funded guys are moving FAST. Exciting times.

    Lots of challenges ahead. A lot of the engineering is not trivial.

  2. An analysis has confirmed that an experiment conducted in 2021 created a fusion reaction energetic enough to be self-sustaining, which brings it one step closer to being useful as a source of energy.

  3. Imho, fusion should be one of humanity’s top goals, if not the number one goal. Its has neigh science fiction levels of practical applications, cannot be weaponized, and iirc, there exists enough fuel for fusion energy on earth to power every city in the world for some ridiculously enormous amount of time (something like 500 billion years assuming efficient reactors and reactions).

  4. Hey, I was there for this. It was shortly after I got hired, and I remember everyone being so excited. Then I learned that nobody knows why that one shot yield was so much higher than all the others. It was a fluke and something they’ve yet to come even close to replicating. Still cool, though.

  5. The National Ignition Facility is primarily for weapons research. They are not concerned with power generation. The experiment referenced here used 477MJ to deliver 1.8MJ to the plasma, producing 1.3MJ of energy output. It was probably a cool result within its own field, and the NIF researchers are right to be proud, but this is not exciting news to people who want fusion power to be a thing

    Edit/correction: the NIF _does_ do research relating to fusion as power generation. See u/Rice-A-Romney ‘s reply below

  6. If they can’t replicate it, then odds are much higher that they didn’t have ignition and their tests/monitoring is faulty.

  7. The whole future of humanity is sitting on the edge of their seat wondering if we will figure this out and save the world or not.

  8. That is an amazingly bad headline.

    “National Ignition Facility Generates Its First Fusion Event” comes much closer to the mark of what has happened here.

  9. Children born in the past few years will likely get to see nuclear fusion a reality, or total destruction of the entire planet.