Northern Ireland has more Catholics than Protestants for…

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Northern Ireland has more Catholics than Protestants for first time – census

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  1. ‘Are you Catholic or Protestant?’

    ‘I’m neither, I’m Muslim.’

    ‘Aye. But are you a Muslim Catholic, or a Muslim Prod?’

  2. In this context, Catholic and Protestant are more so ethnoreligious identities than solely theistic ones. Culture dictates things more than religion does, bar legally.

  3. “Data from the 2021 census released on Thursday showed 45.7% of respondents now identified as Catholic or were brought up Catholic, compared with 43.5% identifying as Protestants.

    A decade ago the previous census showed Protestants outnumbered Catholics by 48% to 45%, after falling below the 50% mark for the first time.”

  4. “All I boast of is that we are a Protestant Parliament and a Protestant State. It would be rather interesting for historians of the future to compare a Catholic State launched in the South with a Protestant State launched in the North and to see which gets on the better and prospers the more”

    James Craig

  5. It’s a pretty complicated thing.

    Not only would there have to be a majority in NI for reunification, but also a majority in the Republic of Ireland.

    Reunification, we can say from experience, is a rather expensive affair with economically unequal partners and you also suddenly have a whole new bag of problems that you didn’t have before.

    In Northern Ireland, there are also the irregular armed forces, because the Protestants will not all just disappear back into the UK. You’d probably have terror in a period before and after Reunification. I’ve been to Belfast, there’s no bigger city in Europe that’s divided like that, there’s fucking “peace walls” in the middle of the city with gates separating the neighbourhoods.

    In the end, it’s up to the local people to decide.

  6. I believe Frank Carson once said about Northern Ireland – there’s too many Protestants and too many Catholics but not enough Christians.

  7. >Another question in the census found that 43% identified as British, down from 48% 10 years ago, with 33% seeing themselves as Irish, up from 28%. Another 32% said they were Northern Irish. People could select more than one national identity.

  8. The religion means nothing. The percentage of people who identify as Irish or British is what matters for any move towards reunification.

  9. In what was a gerrymandered state, with the slogan ‘A Protestant parliament for a Protestant people’, this was unfathomable on its conception. This is historic in Ulster.

  10. Let’s not forget the Anglican/Episcopal church was created just so a crazed monarch could have his way.

    Episcopalian is the closest Christian denomination to Catholic. The main difference being they answer to the Bishop of Canterbury rather than the Pope.

    There was a time where everyone in Britain and Ireland were Catholic.

  11. Religion – “give me time and money”

    People “why”

    Religion “ehh ehh because you will end up in a worse place than here if you give it to them!”

    Everyone “AHHHHH” *mass panic*