Noctua confirms AM5 heatsink compatibility and announces…

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Noctua confirms AM5 heatsink compatibility and announces free-of-charge upgrades for low-profile coolers and older heatsink models
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  1. Users wanting the free mounting kit will need to provide both a proof-of-purchase of the Noctua cooler, as well as also either an AM5 CPU or AM5 board.

    Still really nice to see Noctua still supporting its customers. Will snag a kit for my old D14 cooler once I have the processor invoice to submit.

  2. So it’s true then that the backplate is pretty much build into AM5? From the der8auer video I’ve seen, and the couple of boards he took apart, it seems like it for those high end ones. Does that mean any AM4 cooler that has its own special backplate won’t work without an adapter kit?

  3. Awesome. I bought a D15S Chromax this year for a blackout build (expensive as fuck in Canada) so I’m happy to hear it’ll continue to be supported.

  4. I want to know where I can get that sexy screwdriver.

  5. need some help, i have a noctua nh-d15 which kit i need to?

  6. Absolutely love them! I got a D15s years ago for my i7 5820K, and they sent me a free mounting kit for Ryzen when I upgraded to a 5950X.

  7. I fucking love Noctua.

  8. Most interesting part is definitely the [AM5-L9aL9i mounting kit](

    Although the AMD backplate is now essentially non-removable, it seems that the screw holes are open on both sides of the motherboard (in fact it can be seen [in the shot from EKWB](, so a screw can thread through the motherboard from the backside into the cooler.

  9. Man goddamn. Noctua out here proving they’re real absolute g’s

  10. It’s why I only but Noctua

  11. For some context previously I had to provide an order number for the CPU I bought and where from, and shipping took about 1 month to Canada.

  12. This doesn’t benefit me… but props to Noctua. Nice to see a company doing good by their customer base.

  13. I’ll try to remember this when the 7800X3D comes out

  14. I’ve had a D14 running since 2009. I’d love to give them my money but their products keep on running and they keep on giving free upgradesl….

  15. I hope the D15 will be enough for the 7700X. Should be, right?

  16. Nice, I have an NH-D15, good to know it won’t be ewaste if/when I upgrade.

  17. Nice, but the heatsinks that are on my decade-old NH-U9B SE2, “cooling” my decade-old i5-2500K, don’t exactly have gaps between them anymore, and and even my high-powered electric duster isn’t enough to fix the problem. I suppose I could clean them manually, but at this point, I’ll probably just buy a new NH-D15 (or its successor, if that’s out by the time I build).

  18. In other news, water remains wet, the sky remains blue, and objects still appear to fall towards the earth when dropped.

    That said, it’s still good news to hear, and reaffirms my choice of Noctua for cooling hardware.

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