No stand compares to the power of connections with organized…

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  1. Imagine being Koichi having to call Jotaro and tell him that that punk a week ago who stole your luggage sent a mob boss into an infinite death loop and is now running the entire Italian Mafia at 15 years old, and he’s also DIO’s son.

  2. Its really strange how so little stuff like this from parts 4 and 5 ever came up in part 6. They were basically side quests compared to how connected 1, 2, 3, and 6 are, or 7 and 8.

  3. Speedwagon Foundation in p3: “Yes, the evidence all points to this french man killing this Native American looking fellow in the bathroom, but we ask you to drop all charges”

    Speedwagon Foundation in p6: “ok, first we send a super secret submarine that only surfaces when a pendant given to Jolyne way before she was convicted is close to the shore of the place she may be located, and we send the man with the most powerful stand ability to break her out so we can sneak her out of there with the submarine.“

  4. The Speedwagon Foundation once got Joseph out of this mess in a place like India, USA where they are actually situated should have been a piece of cake

  5. Goddamnit… Now it makes me wonder how shit would have gone differently if they’d called in Giorno and/or the crew lol.

    “The Speedwagon foundation called in this guy Mista but he shot himself.”

  6. Just using HALF of Jotaro’s Connections could get Jolyne out. Speed Wagon Foundation, Joestar Reality, and the New Passione. The kinds of Lawyers they could hire would be horrifying to go up against.

  7. Even if Giorno had that power and did the favor to Jotaro, Whitesnake would’ve still tried to stop them, going back to the same situation as the original story.

  8. Giorno never met the guy and he wouldn’t have much reason to help him, especially if he found out that Jotaro killed DIO.

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  10. Oh my God, Giorno is a great grand uncle to a guy way older than him I’m crying. The Joestar family tree is really weird 😭

  11. Kinda sad how Jotaro knows of 2 people Younger than him who have a status that would usually make them higher than him. (Uncle and Grandfather).

  12. Is this what happened? I thought I remembered him saying something about the speedwagon foundation as per the usual

  13. Giorno is Jonathan’s nephew. Which would make him jotaros 4th cousin and depending on how you want to think about it either twice removed or not removed