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2022-08-06 11:25:54

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  1. “I will stop the democratically elected leader of Scotland”, honestly you can’t make these people up

  2. You’d think less villifying of the Scottish leader would help build the union right?

    Of course, you’d want to present Scottish exit, but you can at least cooperate. No wonder they want to bloody leave

  3. Biggest threat to the union is their own party. Taking this stance against our elected leader just bolsters her support and angers the Scottish nation.

  4. Love the English respect for Scottish democracy stuff like this just drives people towards supporting independence, the SNP have been winning for the last decade by a large margin, yet you get the Tories and Keir Starmer saying they dont matter basically. I think deep down a lot of Tories dont actually give a shit about the union

  5. Imagine thinking publicly announcing “I will ignore/stop the leader that the people of Scotland continue to elect over and over again” is going to come off as anything other than sounding like an English person suggesting the will of Scottish people are not as important as those of the English.

    If you’re in Scotland and still want to be controlled by these posh out of touch wanks, you’d be as well just putting on a St. Georges cross gimp suit and admit you’ve just thrown away all dignity.

  6. There’s nothing like ignoring the democratically elected leader of a Country, to really drive home the importance of the union.

    I genuinely think Truss is braindead.

  7. I hope people don’t just pin this on the tories. They are in the hot seat but if it was Labour or a coalition in charge, the hubris, arrogance and Brit cuntery would be just as anti Scot voter democracy.

    The irony is that by denying the voice of a country you are in partnership with, you inadvertently end that partnership.

    An abusive relationship where the dominant partner belittles, insults and browbeats the other to the extent they try to refuse them legal representation, bellows that they need to know their place and smothers opinion and say, and threatens to take away what little independence they enjoy. This ‘ union ‘ ended when our voice gained strength and the door was slammed in our face because of it.

    Why are we not waking up as a substantial majority when we keep getting buckets and buckets of ice cold piss and shit thrown over us on a now regular basis ?

  8. The existential threat to the union is the fucking Tory party. Brexit started all the damage and the continuing mess over the Irish border will further weaken the Union.

  9. Bit of an own goal there from Sunak. You could be excused for thinking hes trying to break up the Union.

  10. Speaking from so far South of the border I live where they polished that turd Richy: it’s a low bar but Sturgeon is the best british prime minister during a lot of our lifetimes. She’s the one to beat. Of course the wannabes will pick a fight with her. >!I’m not saying I think she’s amazing but the Scottish are much better than us at picking their leaders.!<

  11. She will have seen 4 Prime ministers in her time in office, the most favoured polling politician in the whole of the UK so it says it all. I’m sure they’re just jealous. Like her or not theres not been a better leader in the UK for the past 10 years, when people disagree I ask “Well tell me who has been better?” And no name appears. I may not agree with everything she has to say, but I do know Great Britain has abused its power to the smaller nations. Their comments only strengthen my belief that leaving is our only option.

    Boris, Rishi and Truss have been the single best gift to Scottish independence, so Tory party members and Tory MPs I thank you. Cannot wait for the vote so we can finally get off this ship. Alba Gu Brath 湮更k堯湮踱歹湮更k堯湮踱歹湮更k堯湮踱歹湮更k堯湮

  12. “I’ll stop the democratic leader of Scotland in her tracks.”

    Sick to the back teeth of these fascist cunts.

  13. Do you think it ever occurs to yoons just how unimportant they are to English Tories? Are they aware? Do they take a perverse enjoyment in it because they’re too cheap to just pay a dominatrix?

    They’re literally a last resort talking point for a leadership battle that is basically over at this point.

  14. Listen Im not her biggest fan. But she is very good at what she does. And really all she needs to do is sit back and let them do their jobs and she will look amazing 不

  15. Shes overseen the fall and replacement of how many party leaders now? Something like 12 out there about.

    Sunak will do no such thing, hes just a fascist, pretending to be a politician

  16. Biggest reason for the union to break up is these born to rule pony fuckers in Westminster. If we had a competent government there would be no need for independence. Am moving back to ecclefechen in Dumfries when independence happens

  17. Tired of this shite, the only way to “save the union” is to sign an s30 and argue for it’s continued existence in the resulting referendum, repeatedly refusing to accept the results of elections merely demonstarates that there is nothing about the union worth saving.

  18. It’s all about their rich mates instead of giving a shit about people. None of this should even need to be said. Oh you’ll put a woman in her place will you, old fruit? For standing up and saying her countrymen are tired of you lot? Sounds about right. You’re getting a big surprise fella, you’re not as well-resourced as you might think, keep going, drive it well into the ground, it’s what you deserve.