Next on the Docket: The Maw and Disorder Mini-Set!

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Next on the Docket: The Maw and Disorder Mini-Set!

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  1. trump review on dew process: design 4 stars, the name is based on an English pun, and may not be easily translated to other languages

  2. You made dew process a nature spell, then put it in a class with moonlit guidance and tons of ways to generate new spells?

    Draw-15-cards-a-turn druid here I come

  3. Lemme guess, the Jailer will follow the last few mini-sets and be another 10 mana card with a semi-boring effect relating to Rush and Immune.

    Jk (?), cool to see him as a card, finally a new version of Sylvanas too

  4. Wait a minute, Sylvanas works for the Jailer. She even has the Maw Covenant armor of hers on.

    Something’s not quite right!!
    (EDIT: as of the lore blurb on the Sylvanas reveal, it’s pretty clear that Sylvanas is not getting convicted here. All is as planned)

  5. Paladin will get a new card: 7M minion 4/5, battlecry: if you’ve restored 20 health, are still alive, and have none of the new good cards in your deck, summon two silver hand recruits

  6. >Watch the trial unfold in the all-new Maw and Disorder Mini-Set!

    We won’t watch shit as you don’t release any story based content any more and what could have been one of the best solo story content modes which was a who dunnit with Murder at Castle Nathria ended up just being a bunch of cards and a failed opportunity.

    Hate how these use language like this now when they haven o intention of releasing content to actually tell a story.

  7. Well, on the bright side at least the Jailer will have more personality and character development in his one card than in the entire Shadowlands expansion. So that’s a plus to look forward towards! :V

  8. If you are tight on time and want to sqweeze in a match just play druid. Matches go twice as fast since they draw twice and gain 2 mana crystals per turn.

  9. Aggro druid is already the most irritating deck. Dew process is going to ruin the game until the next expansion comes out.

  10. I can buy the mini set with gold or runestones and not cash? But I can buy the golden set with cash or runestones? I’m so confused. I also really really don’t want to buy runestones. I’m an adult and I just want to use cash for purchasing. Runestones feel silly