New Levels of Protest, IRAN

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New Levels of Protest, IRAN from nextfuckinglevel

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  1. Funny. From this side of the looking glass we see countries perceived to have terrible human rights records and then assume the ‘whole country’ is complicit. In reality, a small segment of the populace(who happen to be in power) are really to blame whereas the majority of the population really aren’t happy with their government’s shenanigans either.

  2. Best of luck to the Iranian people in getting their country back. Enough of religious rule. The world needs Persian ingenuity again!

  3. Shits gonna get real one way or the other 😐 honestly terrifying but people can only take so much abuse

  4. For those of us old enough to remember the Iranian revolution it’s terrifying how much the current state of the US is similar. I’m so scared for, but very, very proud of these women. I’m also really scared for us.

  5. Internet is out and they’re killing citizens

    Only solution to access Internet right now is to inject suspicious http rn

  6. I fear for these brave women’s safety…but throughout history/globally rights rarely have been been *fought* for and paid for in the blood sweat and tears of the oppressed.

  7. Anyone who wnats to follow the protests more closely, you can do so on the Instagram account “1500tasvir”. We actually might take back the country this time.

  8. As an American man whose opinion truly doesn’t matter, I am so unbelievably proud of you strong powerful women in Iran.

  9. Iran will be a major world superpower in 10 years. Their people are super smart and enterprising. I hope it happens because I want to visit.

  10. If the movement got big enough, they’d just use soldiers against civilians like most these despot cowards do. As long as they hold control of the military, they will hold power.

    Really, the only time despots like this get overthrown, is through a military coup/junta. Those are usually not much better than the prior leader…since they are typically the same, but with more experience killing people. The main reason you see African leaders in the poorer countries in military gear and berets is from this. Easy to take power from a weak government when you take the military and turn it against them.

    I know it isn’t that hopeful, but then again, it is 2022 and there are still genocides, slavery, and mass imprisonments around the globe, so….yeah.

    (I am not counting the authoritarians who play dress-up in military gear and medals without being in the military.)

  11. i’m so proud of ppl from my country doing what’s right. hopefully their voices can be heard all around the world!