NATO leaders gave the green light to transition to a New…

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NATO leaders gave the green light to transition to a New Force Model (NFM). The aim is to create a pool of 300,000 troops in a high state of readiness (as opposed to 40,000 today), and to assign these to specific defence plans. These will mostly be European troops
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  1. Never thought I would side with war mongers but when you literally have a genocide going on on your doorstep, the least you can do is to be prepared to defend yourself. As an European, it frustrates me how my fellow countrymen are simultaneously critical of NATO, critical of US being the “policeman” of the world but are also unwilling to see how we are the ones benefitting the most from this protection considering how little we sacrifice to have it. Ironically, most of the political actors highly critical of our alliance with the US are also the ones who block any kind of strengthening of European defense and power projection emanating directly from EU. Their position themselves as pacifists, but they really are just isolationists and the problem with those is thatgeopolitical situation will affect you or not, regardless of whether you are participating in it or not. Isolationism will lead as to become like a floating dead fish moving to whatever direction the current moves at any giving moment. I want a united, free and also STRONG European Union.

  2. Hopefully the uniforms are cool.

  3. 300k nato troops in btgs would walk into Moscow in a week if putin didnโ€™t have nukes. But he does so itโ€™s only ever going to be another deterrent!

  4. When this war is showing Russia stands no chance….

    Not real sure why Europe doesn’t move this in the direction of an EU force.

  5. I seriously doubt there are still enough Russian troops left to defend RuZia after Putin reaped them away to Ukraine. The road from Minsk to Moscow should be wide open.

  6. we need national service and rotations of reserves on exercises on the continent – megalomaniacs do not run out of ambition just because they run out of infantry, there’s plenty more in the larder

  7. Here we go fellas, and gals. Get your COOPs ready.

  8. We are all going to die

  9. Three hundred thousand,you say. H’mm.


  10. How about no. US soldiers are notorious for being aggressive, pedophiles and fleeing from crimes and murders in Europe.

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