Nationalise all energy companies and give every household…

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Nationalise all energy companies and give every household €1,000 in Budget 2023 – People Before Profit

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  1. Certain key infrastructure and provision should never have been sold. Electricity, water, basic foods, public transport etc. These are essentials for people. The government should always have a significant shareholding in each of these specifically for emergency situations.

  2. It grinds my gears that parties come out NOW with all of these demands for the Budget. It’s next fucking week. It’s basically all locked in. surely they know that none of these demands have time to be met? It just really feels like political point scoring and as much as I hate FFFG, this shit doesnt help.

    If they were serious about this they had months and months to speak up, try and get it taken seriously.

  3. Why give everyone €1000 that would serve no benefit

    Taking that €1000 and investing it in energy products would be better.

    1.4 million smart meters. = 1.4bn which would buy a lot of battery storage , Solar, Build A LNG terminal etc

    Also nationalising would do nothing. As we import it fossil fuel so still at the mercy of external influences

    And that €1000 they give out would be from taxation, so we’d pay for it ourselves

  4. Government spending contributes to inflation. When debt grows so much that people don’t believe the ECB or the government will pay on bonds, they sell their bonds and buy other things, sending prices up.

    Adding cash to consumers’ pockets contributes to inflation — people spend the money, driving prices up.

    Pandemic supply constraints have helped lead to inflation as well.

  5. PBP are such populist shitebags.

    They know their core demographic are economic ignoramuses who think “The government should pay for everything” is the solution to every problem, and lap up this nonsense, no matter how ridiculous it is.

  6. Oh god please don’t amplify clowns before profit. They literally just make shit up.

    That’s when they’re not defending Putin’s regime ofc.

  7. Being a PBP TD must be the best job in the world. You can say and propose whatever you want because you know you’ll never have to actually rule.

  8. PBP obviously only care about rich people otherwise they’d pay us for using fossil fuels and give us 5000 each instead of 1000.

  9. Fuckit, as long as we’re throwing reality out the window let’s nationalise the canaries and NI while we’re at it

  10. Statements from people before profit always reminds me of when my niece tells me when she grows up she’s gonna be bat man or a dinosaur

  11. Don’t know why people are pretending that this is some kind of crazy idea when plenty of European countries have fully nationalised energy companies recently.

    Even the tories have implemented price controls and I think they are giving people some money to assist too.

    We all make fun of the ‘Welfare cheats cheat us all’ bullshit. But most of you have bought into weird neoliberal market worship.

  12. Neoliberalism or Thatcher/ Reganomics is such a blight on the world. Selling off public utilities and expecting the miracle of the free market to run it better or more efficiently. Such a disaster for the world and people’s lives.

  13. It’s very easy to make statements like this when you’re on 3 or 4 % in the polls and in no real danger of forming a government.

    The problem for them will be if Sinn Fein fall short of an overall majority in the next election and have to go into coalition with other left parties, i.e. them. They theie voters will expect them to start to deliver on their promises.

  14. Ridiculous. Lets have another halfcentury of neoliberalism. Thats sure to get us out of this mess, however it was caused we’ll never know!

  15. The worst thing is that they know it’s not possible, the budget is already locked in.

    They are just sprouting this nonsense to appeal to their electoral base and make soundbites.

    They are as delusional as the Greens. But much less dangerous as there isn’t a snowball’s chance in hell that they will ever be in government.

  16. The government should come out and say they agree with PBP and that’s why we have a nationalised service & that they’d rather give incremental increases on minimum wage/welfare/income tax breaks because they’re more sustainable than the one off payments they’re suggesting and just make massive fools of them.

    Scratch that, PBP don’t need anyone else to help make fools of themselves.