Nation Stunned to Learn Trump May Have Committed Fraud

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Nation Stunned to Learn Trump May Have Committed Fraud

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  1. I am not stunned that trump committed fraud. I am stunned that this fiasco keeps going on and on. When will he finally be indicted.

  2. I am by no means “Stunned” that he committed fraud, though I am perplexed in how long it’s taking his faithful to realize they’ve been paying fir his lifestyle, and Vaseline was not used.

  3. Haha, had to check to make sure but was pretty sure that would be Borowitz.

    Yeah, sad that it isn’t actually surprising at all is it

  4. Who? *Who* is stunned? What nation? Because if you’re referring to the U.S., there aren’t many of us who are stunned by this.

  5. Also linked at the bottom of the article:

    Mitch McConnell expels Joe Manchin from the Republican Party.

    Josh Hawley worries that being a coward is overshadowing his work as a fascist.

    Steve Bannon’s lawyers argue that imprisoning him would be cruel and unusual punishment to other prisoners.

    Tucker Carlson accuses Joe Biden of lowering gas prices.

    Boris Johnson freaks out after Rudy Giuliani arrives in London to help him.

    Fox News is unable to air the January 6th hearings owing to reruns of the Benghazi hearings.

    Brett Kavanaugh complains that protesters outside his home are obstructing his daily keg deliveries.

  6. Oh sure, their ‘*gast*’ has been ‘*flabbered’* /s

    To be sure, there are a core of indoctrinated, gullible people who dwell and thrive on a steady diet of right wing propagandistic media, who are only exposed to the bubble they wish to inhabit.

    I have no illusions for them…yes if *anything* finally sticks to Mein Frito, perhaps some of them will indeed be truly stunned… the rest will still drink the CoolAid and repeat their fake news mantra.