My dog likes to dig himself a dirt bed and nap outside all…

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+9446 – My dog likes to dig himself a dirt bed and nap outside all summer

2022-08-05 16:20:55

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  1. My dog does the same thing. Only issue on my end is my dog is pure white, so when he gets out of the dirt he looks like someone who just escaped a coal mine collapse

  2. He looks like SuperDawg after crashing into earth, leaving a crater.

    When he wakes up, he’s going to chase crime, one tennis ball at a time!

  3. Got an Aussie who does this too. Screw the raised dog bed and the orthopedic one in front of the fan, the dirt hole bed is the only way to go apparently.

  4. I call those Butt Holes. my dog has 3 of them currently dug and at times as many as 6. Hr digs them so he can stick his butt in them.

  5. My dog loves digging under this one bush and then lying in the hole. Never seen her looking so proud as she does when she lies in the hole she dug.

  6. My dog dug a hole bellow her doggy house and just sleeps there, every once in a while I have to help her but most of the time she can leave alone

  7. My dog is beige and white and has very short fur, so he’s always been very easy to keep clean. I think it’s less about the color and more about the type of fur that the dog has.

  8. ​

    Carolina dog or American Dingo.

    He’s beautiful and, I’m sure, whip smart.

    We just lost ours after 12 amazing years together.

  9. That dog is a beaut. Looks like my old girl. There was a post a few days back that had a picture of a Beldi dog that looked similar to her. I always wanted to know what mix she was, but never bothered with genetic testing. She had the half erect, half flop ears, but other than that I would see that picture and think it was her.

    Do you know what mix he is?

  10. Lucky you. Mine digs a den!! Underground!! Leaving a 4 ft pyramid of dirt in my yard!!

    We finally quit filling them in because she would dig another. She has had the same den over 3 years.

    When we got a second dog, she enlarged the den. Now they both fit!! She is a regular architect!

  11. If you want maximum dirt to lawn ratio, may I recommend a greyhound. My dude can diiiig and sleep. I have to wake him up when it gets dark so he doesn’t sleep out there all night 😂

  12. Not sure if it’s the same principle but kangaroos do the same thing to get to ground that isn’t searing hot when they need a rest