My coffee corner. Best during a brisk fall afternoon.

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  1. I love the little touches of wood throughout (the handle of the kettle, the shelves, the chair, even the wood-like color of the watering can).

  2. Lovely. The warm tones of the poster compliments the brewing you got going. Where in the world does one need to live to get such nice natural lighting?

  3. OP, i see that Yüksek Tepeler and the potentially Turkish tea cup. are you into tea as much as coffee or are you the most interesting Turkish person?

  4. You seem to know coffee well. What are the machines and how do they compare to the ones coffee shops use? Price, taste, durability? I’ve always considered getting a home setup.

  5. I see these coffee corners a lot and I have to ask: doesn’t it all get dusty on the open shelves? I hate cleaning so I have as much stuff as possible in cupboards

  6. We have the same Gaggia machine! But I’m not loving the portafilter and (plastic) tamper that came with it. Where are yours from?

  7. It looks lovely but… That chair doesn’t look too comfy. I hope you have a hidden cushion nearby 😉

    Edit. The more I look at this photo, the more perfect everything is!

  8. How is the espresso machine? I’m trying to curb my daily flat white expenses living in Edinburgh where it’s almost always hot coffee weather and have been struggling to find a home machine I would trust haha. Love the setup by the way 🙂

  9. How is that Niche for pour over? I don’t make espresso and thought it might be overkill to add to my routine. Currently using an old (2016) Baratza Virtuoso.