Morning Report: Sean O’Malley questions Khamzat Chimaev’s…

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Morning Report: Sean O’Malley questions Khamzat Chimaev’s last two weigh-ins: ‘He’s not gonna make 170’

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  1. With a complete lapse in Reddit protocols, some type of computer bug resulted in me clicking on the link, and so I bring this elucidation to you prostitues, who I know have not:

    >“I want to see him at 185 because even when he fought Gilbert Burns, he did the towel thing, lost five pounds,” O’Malley said. “When was the last time Khamzat made 170 actually? Not the last two fights so it’s probably been over a year.

  2. I don’t know about everyone else, but I’d rather see Khamzat vs Izzy than Khamzat vs Usman/Edwards.

    At least it’s a fresh stylistic matchup for the champion.

  3. Nah, I think he can keep making 170

    He didnt do any towel trick for Gilbert. He tried to but he made weight legit

    All he has to do is bring forward is cutting schedule

  4. People said the same for paulo costa at 185 and he managed just fine this time around. just need a dietitian and not a nutritionist for starters. have someone with a real degree monitor your weight and help you cut whats needed.

  5. Give him one more shot to make 170 (tell him to get a nutrition coach ffs) and if he fucks up it again then tell him he has to move to 185. The guy is so close to a title shot I feel like it’d be a waste to immediately jump on the ‘move to middleweight’ train.

  6. Either everyone has the worst memory or they’re intentionally lying about Khamzat. He’s missed weight once ever at UFC 279. He made weight legitimately before every single time.

    People can’t name a single time where a fighter missed weight once and was forced to go up. We have dozens of examples and no one is ever forced after one miss, not even Costa who missed by 20.

    Also, it’s hilarious that the people pressing for Khamzat to move up for missing weight once want him to fight Costa who has missed MW by 20 pounds. The obvious double standard here shows people have an emotional bias against Khamzat.

  7. People will forget the controversy if he makes weight and dominates as usual next time. Look at Costa he’s more popular than ever despite all his bullshit.

  8. There was no towel trick for the Burns fight, he did it when he fought Li and still ended up making weight with his hands above his head. He’s missed weight ONCE in his career and now he’s Hitler.

  9. He’s only fought at WW 5 times, less than half his fights.

    I really have my doubts about whether he can consistently make the WW limit.

  10. Tried the towel trick 3 times in the weigh-in vs the Leech, outweighed Burns in the cage by 10 pounds according to Anik/UFC pre-fight weigh-ins, then missed by 8 pounds vs Nate.

  11. If it were anyone else the UFC would have forced him to go up. UFC is making so many exceptions for him because he’s an entertaining fighter and they think he can get the belt. But no shit since he’s not actually a 170lb fighter.