(More Context) PooperNoodle said Mizkif’s joke was BEFORE…

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(More Context) PooperNoodle said Mizkif’s joke was BEFORE her story came out

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  1. Just wanted to give more context to the Poopernoodle post about Miz earlier. The original post might have gotten clipped wrong, but here she clearly states the timeline of what happened, This all happened around Twitchcon Amsterdam in 2019. Miz made the comment towards Erobb in reference to her coming over to the house, at the time she did have her experience with Josh but her story had not come out yet. What miz said was in no reference to her being a rape victim or have any knowledge of what she was going through. For more context her experience with josh came out in June 2020 https://www.reddit.com/r/LivestreamFail/comments/hf6f3r/sexual_abuse_and_harassment_allegations_towards/

  2. Is this clip chimped? Otherwise it seems like she just read way too deep into a joke that didn’t mention SA? I know another clip had a comment saying Esfand pulled Erobb away from her. Just seems like harmless trolling that got misinterpreted by someone dealing with a lot of trauma

  3. Holy fucking shit, at this point there is an army trying to dog pile on mizkif and take him down as hard as they can, if this all turns out to be a plan from train and miz didn’t do any blackmail, train needs to face legal action, mizkif was kicked out of his org and is now the most hated streamer on twitch, this is Ridiculous

  4. I’m pretty sure he apologized to her at one point and she accepted his apology. But hey, why not bring it up again and throw more fuel on the fire

  5. That’s it, pile on mizkif with everyone, the guy with a whole career just based off jokes. Don’t mention anything when it actually happened.

  6. So he made the remark before the story came out so it was just a joke towards her or is the implication that they knew beforehand and made the joke based on that?

  7. Mizfrogs downvoting this, rly weird.

    Although Poopernoodle had not written her 2020 story, Josh had been banned by this point when Miz was joking. Also although I didn’t hear about it, apparently other people were speculating about why Josh was banned including “the Poopernoodle incident” (going by the thread I think it’s the knife incident which is bad enough honestly!). Most likely, he knew she was involved in his ban in some way even if he didn’t know it was rape, so this type of joke is still bad considering Josh was clearly a psycho. Someone else mentioning “the Poopernoodle incident” on LSF:


    I find it insane Method didn’t kick out Josh when he got banned from Twitch and if I knew that I would’ve expressed that directly to Sco myself, I thought he fucked off from the internet after his ban. Me, Djarii, Sco were going to get a house together in London potentially with Josh!! before he got banned (I moved to London autumn 2019 with my friend Reb in the end). Learning about this in 2020 made my stomach turn.

    edit: bruh why did someone downvote this I’m just providing information ???
    edit 2: since the other thread was deleted, the joke happened in July 2019, Josh was banned at the end of June 2019 and people were speculating publicly about it involving her. Someone even commented /at the time/ it was shitty to make this joke because she “was the victim of something”.


  8. these tier 967123 streamers trying to farm subs and clout on back of mizkifs drama need to start fucking thinking what they are saying. one throws mizkif under the bus, other one mithc, both backtrack hours later. what the fuck.