Mizkif mod calling Adrianah a clout chaser who is mad she…

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Mizkif mod calling Adrianah a clout chaser who is mad she didn’t get invited to parties

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  1. Why cant everybody on every side stop brigading their favorite streamers. Don’t you realize you’re just jeopardizing and making things worst. Why cant you guys just wait for more info and stop making wild assumptions.

  2. Man’s got a point. He needs to unmod everyone, lock his offline chat and make it emote only before more of his eggers say more dumb shit.

  3. Anyone else find it strange that just a few months ago Adrianah was saying the “Slick situation” was “stupid” and “resolved” and that she really wanted to go over to Slick’s house for Miz’s birthday party? https://twitter.com/adrianah_lee/status/1572093998285860864

    Personally I find it odd that she’d call her own “sexual assault” a “resolved” and “stupid situation” then be extremely upset that she can’t go chill with the alleged sexual assaulter and his friends at their house.

    Here is confirmation of the party being at Miz’s house btw https://twitter.com/Alinity/status/1494910099529293826

  4. That girls story is 100% true but her circle is super questionable.

    Hanging out with just about every red flag streamer/CC that exists.

    She is a victim but she is also very much the textbook definition of a cloutseeking streamer e-girl. Not that anything is wrong with that really.

  5. What’s funny is she was invited and went to those parties anyway so clearly if Slick told people to not invite her, they didn’t give a fuck

  6. who cares what some neckbeard ass mod has to say

    everyones sword fighting here and bringing up screenshots of this screenshots of that but you’re both scumbag streamers

  7. I mean she can still be a clout chaser tho? Even if the Slick situation is horrible it doesnt not make her a clout chaser.

  8. How much of an idiot do you have to be to call out the victim of the whole incident, when she literally did nothing wrong the past few days? Call out Train/XQC alls you want because both of them are morons but Adriannah is legitametly the only one that did absolutely nothing wrong in this drama.

  9. I don’t understand how Miz saying Slick’s actions were not a big deal is different than xqc excusing every single thing Train has done or said