1. These Rat Jones memes are killing me


  3. he’ll hide like this for around 6 months, then he’ll come back for dragonflight, give up because dragonflight will suck, then he’ll start some new drama, then go back to doing this shit again.

  4. Smartest man on twitch

  5. Come on man LMAO

  6. Omg I hope that rat didn’t just come out of a restaurant.

  7. Emilies streams are the scariest shit to watch. It’s dark, she’s alone, it’s NYC, streets are basically empty, and she’s walking up to strangers asking for a screaming competition.

  8. I just like to say that the most fucked up thing about all this I think is the fact that she got blacklisted.

    To a point that people she hanged out with got messages to stop hanging out with her.

    Breaks my heart that the biggest outcome from this could potentially be that Mitch gets fucked and the rest becomes forgotten.

    And if next season has 2 girls and 2 bigger streamers involved that could potentially make this season to become forgotten in a heartbeat.

    But we will see.

  9. let’s all dogpile and shit on a person, who is known for mental health problems is suicidal.

    We learned so much from Reckful 🙂

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