Missouri judge once again delays decision on closing Agape…

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Missouri judge once again delays decision on closing Agape Boarding School

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  1. “…allowing the school to stay open until at least the next hearing, which is scheduled for Monday”

    And that’s while it’s being monitored 24/7 by government agents. So a minor reprieve at best

  2. >The state submitted another amended petition Monday, which the judge decided he will not allow to be heard, due to fairness and due process concerns related to the timing. That petition points to new allegations from “numerous current Agape students” regarding “physical abuse” by current Agape employees. (Agape denies the allegations.)
    >Two Children’s Division workers have had 24-hour access to the facility since Sept. 8. While there, students have approached them, “often surreptitiously” out of fear of retaliation, to report physical abuse they experienced, according to the filing, the petition states. One student “hid his notes in his shoe” prior to his meeting with the state worker, in case he were searched beforehand.
    >The current students’ reports ranged from experiencing “severe bruising” after being restrained, being slammed into the ground, pushed into walls, forced to do hundreds of pushups as punishment, and being kept in handcuffs for days at a time, including while sleeping. One student was punished by having food withheld, which was “documented as malnourishment,” the amended petition states.
    >Although those allegations will not be considered in the next hearing, the attorney general’s office said with the witnesses and evidence they have in regard to the first amended complaint, “We look forward to presenting that evidence on Monday morning and obtaining justice in this case” and said the Children’s Division staff will continue 24/7 on-site monitoring.

    Sounds like an open and shut case with tons of witnesses ready to testify against egregious abuse. They’re even terrified of even talking with authorities because the school might find out and punish them further.

  3. A Cedar County judge on Monday morning delayed a decision on the closure of Agape Boarding School, the Stockton-based reform school. This is the third time that a decision has been delayed in this case. The state of Missouri has requested that the school be closed due to evidence of abuse. However, the judge has not yet made a decision.

  4. From their website:

    >Agapé is the Greek word defined as God’s unconditional love for mankind. That is what Agapé Boarding School is all about! We are a non-profit boarding school designed to show God’s love to teen boys struggling with behavior issues that can threaten their future. Agapé allows teens to turn their life around by offering a fresh start, a quality education with fully accredited academics and college preparatory studies, as well as team and individual sports and vocational training.

    Nothing shows God’s love like abuse I guess.


    Oh, it turns out the judge that allowing the school to stay open and who is blocking new testimony is a devout Christian:

    >Said Munton, “We Baptists preach law and gospel and I entertained going into church work and did do an internship in leading choir and worship but God made it clear that instead of the gospel, the law was my true calling.” [citation](https://www.nevadadailymail.com/story/2361696.html)