Missouri Democratic leader introduces bill to repeal state’s…

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Missouri Democratic leader introduces bill to repeal state’s near-total ban on abortion

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  1. When voting on individual issues, Missourians are fairly progressive and left leaning, but when they vote for politicians, they vote overwhelmingly right. I wonder if this is a shove that leads to it becoming a ballot measure handled by the voters. That’s really the only way the ban on abortion gets lifted in Missouri.

  2. This is the way forward for Dems. Can’t just deride the scum GOP, actually need to show they wanna do things to improve people’s lives

  3. Dems should keep putting these forward like the cons did with their lame repeal Obama care…

    And btw, I’m still waiting for Trump care.

  4. These laws are politicians thinking they can practice medicine without a license. They need to be slapped back for the egregious hubris

  5. I like the part where two Republicans were reached for comment and they sent basically the same text message. They were handed their talking points and they parrot them to the media. No rational thinking at all.

  6. *sorted by best* wow…a lot of verbal fencing and religion stuff going on…(pro-choice btw)

    *sorts by controversial* fuck this, I’m outta this thread.

  7. Sadly shes minority leader. Mo will keep shoving this crap down the voters throats even as they scream against it because to many people cant vote for someone who does not have an R beside their name.

  8. This is the cost of Women being Politically inactive. Now it’s going to take a Generation or two for those Women in the state to get those rights back.