1. Now THAT is a professional arsonist! Well done comrade!

  2. Bag of holding, unlimited molotovs

  3. This is the way, no sense in being cannon fodder for a madmans vanity war. More please Russians.

  4. I’m impressed with how calm and methodical he was about the whole thing

  5. that was smart to move the car up… pops the doors open but he left it there…

    fire dept can’t get inside now till they move it… very smart move…

  6. So, this is how you protest a totalitarian regime. It doesn’t really matter what government building or equipment you destroy, as long as you force that government to divert attention from controlling the people to keeping the machine running.

  7. No half measures and as calm as you like. I think he’s quietly mad about it.

    Edit: Ironic really. The Russian army needs more resourceful, calm and committed people like that. Just a pity he’s not with the programme, so-to-speak.

  8. Looks like a professional. We need more of this.

  9. Professionals have standards

  10. good russian

  11. I love how he is so calm and methodical – just out for a stroll and some arson

  12. he sure took his time, to make sure it burned well 😉 exelent work!

  13. Six? Molotov cocktails is a pretty clear way of saying I don’t love you.

    Wow. Impressed.

  14. I can see how much he really wants the building burnt down. Good job!

  15. Great job! 👏👏

  16. You know what’s better than one Molotov? 5 or 6 Molotov’s. However many this guy brought with him, I got a good feeling he’s not letting any go to waste.

  17. That phone vibrating noise really makes my blood boil for no reason.

  18. New conscripts are blazing the trail to the nearest mobilisation office.

  19. Deliberate act of GOODWILL 👍

  20. The ominous white Lada strikes back.

  21. These are the kind of Russians one can respect! Genius move to also block the door, but I hope that car was a throwaway.

  22. Seems not like everyone is happy to go to war

  23. I am seriously impressed by how thorough a job this legend did.

  24. Very nice!

  25. I really want to see the aftermath, to be honest but the way things are I guess that’s unlikely.

  26. Literally gives no fucks…bravo!

  27. Some say he’s still throwing Molotovs to this day.

  28. Its time for revolution, Russian style.

  29. I just love how this guy does this all so calm. Looks like after years and years of taking shit from the government, he doesn’t have any rage in himself, only cold hatred.

  30. Tick tock

  31. dude came prepared to torch that shit 🙂

  32. How many molotovs can you fit in one bucket, all , according to this man

  33. Maybe Kyiv could send Russians their unused molotovs

  34. Sometimes dictators make critical mistakes. Hitler’s was invading Poland. Saddam Hussein’s was invading Kuwait. Putin’s was invading Ukraine.

  35. he did a service for all our countries. as a Finn with a great hatred for Russians, i am willing to make an exception. If i ever meet this man, i’ll get him a coffee.

  36. This Russian chad is not crying about a visa he plans on behaving like a true patriot and fighting back for his people against the regime that is destroying his country. One day these people will be honoured whilst Putin’s heroes will by despised.

  37. Should we lift the ban on molotovs?

  38. That guy is taking his time. Casually strolling to the molotovs lol

  39. Beautiful, that man deserves a new lada

  40. Maladiec!

    Well done.

  41. Awesome job 👏👏👏

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