Military Commissariat in Yakutsk

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Military Commissariat in Yakutsk from UkraineWarVideoReport

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  1. All jokes aside. What a waste of human potential and a continuation of the suffering for the Ukrainian and Russian population.

    I can only hope that the protests in the big cities will gain momentum and end this crazy war and, most of all, Putin and his supporters. May they rot in hell.

  2. As expected the Russians are continuing their ethnic cleansing by “mobilizing” the ethnic minorities first. Why use inefficient time and resource consuming gas chambers when you can just send them to certain death on the frontlines.

  3. “One out of two gets a rifle, the other one follows. When the one with the rifle gets killed, the other picks up the rifle and shoots!”

  4. Such a ww1 moment. Young men happy to fight for their country hoping to end efter 6 months. After years of carnage, all is left is a fraction of the humanity that left. Such a waste of life.

    I’m hoping for an decisive Ukrainian victory!

  5. I think the sad fact is that the further east of russia you go, the more brainwashed by kremlin propaganda people are.

    There’s probably zero sources for real news and media for these people…

  6. They have no idea what’s coming, it’s quite sad really. Lied to so much that they think this is their patriotic duty. So many people fail to realise that loyalty to a leader and loyalty to a country are two very different things.

  7. Half of these guys look like they are pushing 40, 50 years old. Jesus. I cant help but feel sorry for them. Even the ones that wanna go willingly. These fools have no idea what they are doing. Fucking NPCs.

  8. Freshman with one way ticket. Its a tragedy for their community.
    All the young people that was suppose to take care of their parents one day, but will now die.

  9. This is terrifying. They look happy to sacrifice themselves, they have no clue how horrific it’s gonna be. No equipment, no vehicles, no cold weather gear and they’re going to be pushed in human waves at the enemy which is now OP.

    Mass Insanity. Putin needs to die soon.

  10. Oh my God no not yakutsk
    I just got done watching a YouTube video about people of this region and they love snow and ice swimming:( Putin leave them alone

  11. Mass-death events like this do not stay isolated. This is a step towards a further escallation and it may yet involve Europeans and Americans. Don’t be so sure that we’re only spectators here.