Microsoft Won’t Label Fake News as False in an Attempt to…

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Microsoft Won’t Label Fake News as False in an Attempt to Avoid ‘Censorship’ Cries

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  1. I assume everything needs to be considered disinformation until confirmed by multiple independent sources and allowed 3 days for the crap to settle on the surface and get skimmed off.

    I like how Youtube and Google has a disclaimer to anything that seams outlandish.

  2. Thanks big tech! Surely the people of the future will exempt you from blame from the dystopia we are actively catering to!

  3. I think that’s better honestly. Corporations shouldn’t decide what is or isn’t fake news. The best way to combat fake news is with better news and education.

  4. Aren’t they a private company? Censorship has nothing to do with this. They could write anything into their TOS. This is about avoiding bad PR

  5. Yeah they won’t be doing it this election cycle. I wonder why?
    I don’t care what party you vote for. But there should never be any doubt of votes counted. All politicians should be held accountable. They are there to serve us the people. Not screw us. No politician should leave office multi millionaires.

  6. Good. The media always gives false news all the time and I sure as hell do not want them to be in total control of information true or false ever again now that they are almost 100% all owned by large companies that are corrupt.

  7. Frankly, I couldn’t care less what those people think about posts being flagged as disinformation. They need to know they are wrong. Removing that tag just allows them to feel validated.

  8. Of course, we wouldn’t want to offend a conservative idiot’s sensibilities, we’ve all seen they like to hand out death threats like Halloween candy whenever they’re offended by anything, and they’re offended by literally everything.

  9. Good new Microsoft, you avoided censorship cries. Now you get to deal with the “you’re fucking spineless” cries.

  10. What a world we find ourselves in. We should not be afraid to call out liars and fact-check them into irrelevance.

  11. Labeling it as false does nothing.
    The crowd that eats it up tells themselves that it’s more real if the libs say it’s fake.

    Just ignore it all and give it no attention.

  12. Well, since they got rid of a bunch of editorial staff a few years ago who would even be around to fact check the news?