Microsoft CEO is confident about Activision deal approval,…

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Microsoft CEO is confident about Activision deal approval, handling of economy

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  1. Of course they are. They ran all the numbers and worked out all the details beforehand and would never have proceeded if they didn’t think the deal would go through.

  2. I’m confident in it as well, I’m sure it will go through.

    But let’s face it, even if it had zero chance, the CEO would always tell the press he’s confident it will.

    There will never be the headline “Microsoft CEO kinda scared and not really so sure about Activision deal approval anymore, tells stockholders to brace themselves.”

  3. There’s no way this will be blocked. It violates none of rules and regulations about acquisitions. The only reason that it is getting so much attention is because of the price tag which has absolutely nothing to do with the approval process.

  4. I just want to know whether or not to buy the next call of duty or if the deal will be done in time for it to be on GP lol

  5. Microsoft had their checks in the mail to the powers that be in the US government already. They know how to play the game.

  6. “Microsoft is either the No. 4 or No. 5 competitor in the video game industry, depending on how you count, Nadella said. And the No. 1 player, **Sony Group Corp.,** **has made several recent acquisitions**. “So if this is about competition, let us have competition,” he said.“

    Is that really a good argument to make?

    Yes Sony has made a few acquisitions but nothing to the level of Bethesda let alone Activision.

    Also surely you can have competition without significant acquisitions? the Xbox 360 did very well for itself when competing against the PS3.

    [Why the PS3 FAILED to win against the Xbox 360](

    Regardless i have accepted that all platforms holders are trying to acquire as must content as possible and that the gaming landscape will look very different 10 years from now.


    I don’t mind the downvotes because i know my opinion is unpopular so by all means.

  7. even if there was a negative 100% chance, the ceo of any company would not state that they’re worried about it

    y’all need to read CMA statement on Microsoft, they mentioned how they locked Bethesda, and are aware of microsoft and sony’s both pr stunts, lies, previous infractions, software sales, hardware sales. that’s why it is in phase 2. literally i can make counter arguments about it, so the CMA can definitely make an indept argument


    Microsoft not market leader? Microsoft aims to have software sales, not hardware, they’re the leading company in terms of software sales

  8. Of course he is confident. As CEO he wouldn’t have spent all that due diligence and M&A transactions costs if he was not very confident the deal would go through.

    With that said, I see no reason the deal won’t go through without concessions.