Mick Foley: CM Punk’s media scrum comments ‘put Tony Khan in…

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Mick Foley: CM Punk’s media scrum comments ‘put Tony Khan in a bad position’

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  1. He makes an excellent point that I hadn’t yet considered. CM Punk should have been happy or excited that he’d just won his championship match. His sense of entitlement makes it hard to consider him a face.

  2. “I know when I held that title aloft when I beat this guy (The Rock) for the WWE title, I never thought I was a WWE title guy. So I never based my career on it the way that a lot of people have, but I remember that feeling of just utter joy. I moved pretty good for a big guy when I ran my two or three laps around there and then gave it the impromptu promo. I can’t imagine going backstage and being angry or bitter or taking the joy out of the experience for our fans.”

    This is my biggest takeaway. He’s more or less saying Punk could’ve chosen a better time to do all this, and the fact that he wasn’t happy after that incredible match (sadly) shows how bitter of a person he really is. I’ve supported Punk for years and even as a fan of the Elite, I understand his POV on some level — but he just made AEW look bad. It literally took the spotlight away from everything else that happened that night, and that was BEFORE the fight backstage.

  3. well yeah. I mean even a simple “those views aren’t mine and don’t reflect my opinion or thoughts” after Punk was gone would have been something. Instead he was nodding along to certain parts of it. Bad look for all involved.

  4. I’m getting sick of this story. Punk’s self righteous and seems to have a history of throwing company’s under the bus for petty personal reasons. I’m having to teach my niece that “Your emotions don’t justify or excuse your actions.” Why can’t a 43 year old grasp this?

    And if the EVPs were leaking rumors to journalist Khan should have came dropped the hammer on them hard. This is shit that I had to put up with back when I worked retail with a bunch of teens and 20 somethings.

    Ridiculous that hey have 4 talents suspended for what amounts to high school drama.

  5. TK sitting next to Punk letting that entire thing happen right in front of him makes him look so weak and incapable of running his own company

  6. Kevin Nash riffing on being tired at 43 will never not be funny, I think. “Imagine 96 Scott Hall coming to me, going hey man let’s go to WCW and start the NWO revolution.”, “Nah man, I’m tired”

  7. He is 100% right. How could you win the belt in your hometown and not feel giddy with joy? Even if you look back on it years later, you could say maybe looking back on it it wasn’t all that, but c’mon, in the moment you should be on cloud 9.

  8. It’s a rough position to be in. I’ve always been of the thought that Tony trying to cut Punk off would’ve led to Punk being set off even more. You saw a flash of it when Punk cut Tony off when he was saying that he should’ve said “no comment” during an interview.

  9. If Punk were to come back hopefully Khan can have this vids played back hundreds of time and have Punk watch it over and over

  10. For all the “Foley just talks about it now”,

    Foley was asked to give his thoughts on CM Punk’s remarks at the AEW press conference:

    He was asked ffs

  11. Honestly, Punks speech legit made me mad and not want to watch the show. He buried the company and made Tony look dumb. He trashed the other evps who are the reason most of us tuned in. Dynamite did a million viewers before Punk and they’re doing a million viewers after Punk. Like how many new fans did he even bring in to justify slamming your bosses and putting yourself over all of them and the company. This is almost Hogan in tna levels. As a fan, I felt insulted tbh. He trashed the company that I put time and investment into. That makes me feel fucking stupid for liking the product

  12. Counterpoint: Tony Khan put Tony Khan in a bad position by being buddy buddy with and/or a mark for all his employees since the company’s inception… and it came back to bite him in the ass in the worst way.

  13. Imagine a world where CM Punk was just a nice guy, thus was liked by Vince, so he actually got the top spot he always wanted?

    Didn’t job to Triple H at Night of Champions, got the triple threat he wanted at Wrestlemania 29 with Rock and Cena, beat Triple H at Wrestlemania 30, probably main event against Roman or Brock at Wrestlemania 31, etc etc.