(MHA 362 and the shounen big 3 spoilers) This can only go…

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+1429 – (MHA 362 and the shounen big 3 spoilers) This can only go two ways.

2022-08-05 18:49:21

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  1. Might Guy didn’t survive just because he’s popular. Might Guy survived because Death was terrified he’d challenge him to a fight once he got ahold of him.

  2. Say whatever you want about MHA, but because of the fandom and the popularity of the character, I honestly don’t think Horikoshi has the *baaawlllszz* to actually kill Bakugo

  3. I honestly do think he’s dead. Like his heart was punctured and he’s completely motionless.

    However I don’t think that’s the end of him. There is something have to do with him suddenly meeting vestige all might and AFO remembering the 2nd OFA user. Something’s going to happen to him. I’m sure of it.

  4. While I don’t want to lose Bakugou, I think Hori really has to stick to his gun with a death instead of just constantly pulling fake outs

  5. Personally, I think he should remain dead. I think this is the first SJ series I’ve read wherein the rival of the MC got killed (I know Vegeta died, but he got resurrected so it doesn’t count), and it would really be ballsy for Horikoshi to stand by this.

  6. Might gai should’ve died. He was fucking awesome and to die like such a badass would’ve been so fitting, but no, now he’s crippled (but still bad ass)

  7. Animal only feel like if he hasn’t fought a best jeanist nomu he will survive as he hasn’t finished his story

  8. nah, ace’s death was the wrong one at marineford. should’ve been garp, he has history with both ace and luffy, is the link to the old age of pirating and him sacrificing his life for the son of roger would’ve spurred on the new age. ace dies and is immediately replaced by the ‘third’ brother no one has heard of, Sabo, and by no one i mean both the audience and in the world of one piece. apparently, you can rise to the rank of right hand man of the most notorious outlaw in one piece, monkey d dragon, but no one will mention this rise.

  9. Bakugo will never be in the same league as Ace. His death had actual buildup, this just came out of left field.

  10. Cons of Bakugou Dying:

    He becomes a Martyr

    Shippers will be insufferable about it

    Will not face consequences for the bullying and suicide baiting

    High risk of derailing the plot to make a mega arc about his funeral during which all characters start sucking his cock

    High risk of some JK R*wling shit with Izuku naming his kid Katsuki in the future

    Knowing Horikoshi he will probably canonize him being gay while he fridges him just because you know how hard he gets when he kills a woman or a member of the LGBT community off (both at once when it comes to Magne, the first ever casualty of BNHA).

    High risk of us not even getting rid of him for good as he comes back in flashbacks and dreams and hallucinations as people praise him and his plot armour.

    Pros of Bakugou Dying:

    Fucker’s dead.

  11. So I’m not sure how 362 is set to go down exactly, but if Bakugo just collapses and dies after he’s been sitting next to Best Jeanist that’s gonna be a pretty lame death. It will feel like it’s just for shock value. And to continue beating the dead horse, make Gran Torino’s survival yet again feel even more ridiculous.

  12. Nah. Gonna have to disagree.

    If he dies it would be one of the worst possible character deaths I’ve ever seen. Get a power up and just fucking die without getting to use it.

    It’s like if might guy unlocked the 9th gate, and then immediately died to Madara one page later. It’s a terrible fight scene.

    If Bakugo had unlocked his power up and had a massive 1 on 1 against shiggy which lasted two chapters and then died like what we see here, then he would indeed ascend to fucking legendary status. But as it is Hori messed it up.

    EDIT: I said two pages, meant two chapters lol.

  13. It makes no thematically sense for bakugo to die so if he does die it’s actually the opposite of might guy and byakuya(butchered). The only reason for his death would be the fact that he is popular and that it would affect deku.

  14. I mean, I’m fine with it either way, he either ends up dead for a few chapters or he’s dead for the rest of the series, karma still did it’s job in both possibilities

  15. A dead Guy wouldn’t have ever happened unless his homie died with him. Guy would kick a hole in the floor of heaven and come back.

  16. I don’t even really think Bakugo dying here would be a good story choice. Not for him dying, but the way it happened. Everything has been so sudden the last few arcs pacing-wise and I just can’t see how it could be fleshed out more at this point in this direction and feel like an interesting thing to happen for more than “just because”

  17. He’s definitely going in the Popular category. Think of all the 13 year old girls that would be mad if he died.

  18. I don’t have much faith in Hori being willing to kill off any of the popular characters. He just isn’t that kind of author. MHA is pretty heavily formulated for success by Shonen Jump editors, and I don’t think they’re gonna let Hori just kill one of their cash cows in his story.