1. Plot twist: it’s not her who made him change, it’s him who got into prog, and through prog, jazz. They decided to adopt a baby because there are already too many humans in this world, and called him Stanley, as a reference to his favourite bass player.

  2. The casualties is punk not metal

  3. Why would she keep dating a guy she doesn’t like? Why does he need to change? Why is she scared of him at all? Nothing makes sense here!

  4. I know that this is a troll about the last panel, but I don’t get why you date someone 19 times, let alone a 2nd date if you have such a bad reaction during the 1st one

  5. If I’m not mistaken, I think there’s the same comic, but it’s a Punk Girl and a nerd Guy. And the nerd guy slowly also becomes punk.

    Also, it the OG comic, the baby isn’t black.

  6. Not a healthy relationship, as he had to hide so much of himself to please her. Punk Rockers can be great dads, of adopted babies.

  7. Ah yes, the good ol’ “I can fix him” fantasy

  8. All the ink on his tattoos transferred to the baby

  9. Her favourite is black metal

  10. Spoiler but it’s actually a different guy in each picture, this about her life

  11. I guess you need to forget your passion to make a family

  12. Oh so they adopted a child! How very kind of them. ♥️

  13. That’s not a metal head

  14. What is it with these incels and black folks? It’s creepy af

  15. See here’s what no one is thinking…

    Yeah yeah, “the dude got cucked.”


    Did you ever think to consider maybe the wife did?

  16. I still don’t get why they randomly changed the baby’s race from the original version.

    *Not* that it makes this shitshow any better. If you approach a relationship with the intent of changing someone and their entire personality, they are either a lost cause, or you never cared about them in the first place and only care about some “picture perfect image” of them.

    Regardless of gender you are basically objectifying them and trying to “sculpt” them into an image that you want. Not another human being, not someone on their own journey with their own beliefs, ideas, and aspirations, they are an object to you, no matter how much you lie to yourself that it’s anything different.

    If someone doesn’t fit your fancy, *don’t date them*, and don’t have the audacity to demand that they change who they are for you. And don’t forget that that goes both ways.

    I love metal, I’m a history nerd who plays video games and shoots pool alongside having a very dark sense of humor. That won’t work with everyone, and that’s just fine.

    Compromising is fine, toning certain things down a little bit or making an effort to make your partner feel comfortable is fine.

    But don’t expect me to completely give up the things I really enjoy doing just because you don’t like it.

  17. That’s not very metal, at all.

  18. I’ve seen this meme on here like 3 times over the past two weeks

  19. Clearly it’s a doomed marriage because who the fuck changes their entire personality and look after ONE date? 🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩

  20. Who’s gonna tell him?

  21. This artist is super random. He made of a ex-nazi and a black chick and it was very wholesome

  22. Just wanna say that this isn’t the original version of this comic. Someone went out of their way to make the baby black.

    In the orignal comic the baby is white, and is just very wholesome altogether

  23. I thought it was one piece at first.

  24. Tattoo just said I’m out of this shit

  25. The quality of this pic reduces each time it gets reposted?

  26. Why did getting married and having a baby make her chin so big?

  27. My colleague’s story is exactly this.

  28. Why tf is the facebook creator in the last panel

  29. Aww they adopted. What a wonderful couple.

    It’s always nice to take the punch out of racist rhettoric whenever you can twist it some other way. Makes em all confused, flustered, and frustrated.

  30. Holy fuck they’re both white, and the baby are black.

  31. Did they adopt or is something else happening

  32. Is this supposed to be wholesome and cute because…it’s fucking sad. Man meets woman, turns conventional and domesticated and joins the machine. This is being peddled as true love?

    I would be like “be gay, do crimes, stay punk forever” but all I’ve seen of the punk scene is a failed revolution full of this exact thing, and the metal scene barely even tried to be anything more than another job. (USBM = BS too)

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