Meta Sued Over Tracking iPhone Users Despite Apple’s Privacy…

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Meta Sued Over Tracking iPhone Users Despite Apple’s Privacy Features

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  1. FB has demonstrated to the public ample reasons why it cannot be trusted. Yet we consumers persist in allowing the platform to abuse our “privacy.” Whatever privacy means today.

  2. Whenever I read stories like this I cant help but to wonder who are those 100’s of people who learned code for years only to actively make the world a worse place…

  3. Not sure how many times we need to repeat it, ATT isn’t a silver bullet, so it’s not surprising at all that Meta still tracks you, even with you asking them not too. It’s harder with ATT, but not impossible

  4. I hate the fact that even if I want privacy, someone with my info allows an app (like Snapchat or Facebook) access to their contacts.

  5. All “Ask App Not to Track” does is deny apps access to an iPhone’s IDFA (an ID for ads).

    Download your favourite app, turn on the App Privacy Report and look at how many third-party tracking domains the app is contacting. When I check the reddit app on my phone it says it is contacting various Google trackers as well as [](

    Additionally, it appears these apps are fingerprinting our devices.

    Lockdown Privacy did a study last year that showed turning on “Ask App Not to Track” made almost no difference in app tracking


    Apple said they would enforce this sort of thing at the policy level (ie. threaten to pull offending apps from the app store), but they did no such thing.

    >When we flagged our findings to Apple, it said it was reaching out to these companies to understand what information they are collecting and how they are sharing it. After several weeks, nothing appears to have changed.


    As of this year, nothing else has changed.


    If you want better privacy on an iPhone, stop using apps as much as possible and use Safari to access websites. Safari has some ad blocking technology; mobile Safari can be more difficult to fingerprint because of wide use and similar settings across many people’s phones and Safari even has a cname cloaking mitigation feature.

    Some people will go further than that, but it is pretty hard to turn off all tracking and still have a reasonable internet experience.

  6. I really hope Apple just bans every single meta App from the AppStore someday…


    Personally, I do not use a single one anyway.

  7. Always baffles me when I see people use FB/Instagram apps when 90% of the functionality is available via browser version which is much more constrained in what it can do on your device

    I can’t use Messenger without an app though…

  8. This article is actually sourcing outdated information by mentioning “Meta Pixel”. Here is [the original article that kicked off the suit, without the editorialization from macrumors]( You can also read the updates from Krause as he digs into `pcm.js`, though I warn you that it becomes far less salacious once you actually understand what is going on.

  9. I’m just trying to understand here, but shouldn’t the claimants be bringing a class action against apple for their product not fulfilling what it advertises? (Blocking the tracking here that Meta is doing)

    You agree to Meta ToS when you use their services, and that includes the tracking stuff. Apple sells you a phone they claim can block this stuff. Meta violates Apple’s terms for app development, so it’s on Apple to pursue Meta for damages caused by the breach of terms?

    I just don’t see this going far since it seems like it’s targeted at the wrong liable party here.

  10. The problem why they continue to do so and know they can get away with it with their user base is because their users find the Facebook experience more valuable than their privacy, or they simply don’t care. Most of the general public doesn’t give 2 fucks about their privacy when it comes to getting in their way of their social media. Facebook is a crack addiction for a lot of people. Telling them Facebook is snooping on their data, while they may not like it, say some nasty words and tweet some retaliation, can’t quit it and will continue to use it. Facebook knows they’ve programed themselves so deep into people’s online existence that people aren’t just going to give it up because of what they would be losing in the process.

  11. They probably don’t give a shit about getting sued because by the time it’s said and done it will still be more profitable for them to do it.

  12. “In August, it was revealed that with the Facebook and Instagram apps, Meta can track all of a user’s key taps, keyboard inputs, and more, when using the in-app browser.”

    Man I don’t think I’ve ever used that lol.

  13. I don’t see this as a violation of Apple’s “ask app not to track” feature. If you are in the app and the app opens a link in the in app browser, you are still in that app. I would 100% expect to be tracked while using the IAB of an app. I thought Apple’s do not track feature was to prevent tracking when you leave these apps, like if Facebook was tracking my keystrokes in Safari.