‘Men’s Voices Matter’: Kanye West Says Fathers Deserve Equal…

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‘Men’s Voices Matter’: Kanye West Says Fathers Deserve Equal Say In Their Children’s Upbringing As Divorce With Kim Kardashian Rages On.

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  1. True, as long as they spent the same amount of time and effort. If all they want to do is complain and give their ex orders then fuck them.

  2. I think both Kim and Kanye could probably improve massively in the parenting department, but Kanye himself was literally quoted days ago that Kim is the one taking care of the kids “80% of the time.”

    This wasn’t worded like Kim is keeping the kids from him, just that Kanye is gone that much. It’s also not like he’s the sole breadwinner and that’s why he’s not around the kids

    See the kids 20% of the time, have 20% of a say in their upbringing

  3. The guy that just admitted that Kim has them 80% of the time. He can fight for that in court, but not the Internet and Kim is not sending her kids to your unaccredited cult school!

  4. They had this interview around the same time the premiere of the new season of The Kardashians came out….they knew what they were doing.

  5. He’s right.

    But in your case, Kanye, they are taking into account your mental health and sorry to tell you that the Kardashians are more stable than you.

  6. Whatever opinion you have of Kim, she seems like a mentally stable person.

    I can’t say the same about Kanye.

    Yes men’s voices matter, but so do women’s.

    And in this specific situation it seems pretty clear that Kim is the suitable parent of the two.

  7. Not crazy a$$ MF fathers. Sorry Kanye, I wouldn’t trust you with any kids. Good luck with all your bad decisions in life tho.

  8. I agree that if the father (or any parent, regardless of gender) is in a relatively stable state of mental health, that won’t impede the child’s emotional/psychological well-being.

    And I’m not trying to demonize mental health issues. I’ve dealt with anxiety and depression all my life, but I’m not spewing out stuff like “Let this guy out of prison since I could be him in another universe,” and whatnot.

  9. Cool. Do equal housework and look after the diapers once in a while. My Dad did. Looking after me was not beneath him, so he got equal say. Others play dumb to get out of the work.

  10. Yeah…we know, Kanye. We all remember you interrupting Taylor because men’s voices matter sooooo much. Karma’s a bitch, ain’t it?

  11. Men’s voices do, Kanye’s– not so sure. However the kids will grow up to become Kardashian clan n continue their shit show for next 50 yrs. So the kids are fucked anyways.

  12. He’s right but he’s wrong about maybe 50k other things so as far as the mens/paternal rights movement goes this guy is not it.