1. Big if true.

  2. Italy, just like basically every country that isn’t a micro-state, has its own secessionist areas like, in Italics case, South Tirol that has been fighting violently to rejoining Austria in the past (a fight that basically ended when both Austria and Italy were in the EU).

    No head of state in his or her right mind wants to open the can of worms that is all about redrawing international borders.

    (The only exception coming to mind being the Peoples Republic of China and the Republic of China / aka Taiwan. But then again both basically claim to be the same country in that one case. So similar, but not the same.)

  3. Tbf, she’s been pretty adamant about being aligned with EU re Ukraine since the war started, despite a good chunk of her base being not as eager.

    Problem is, as well as her party did in the elections, she still needs the support of Berlusconi and Lega to form a stable gov’t… and despite his self-professed change of heart, I think Lega’s leader Salvini could try to take advantage of gas prices/shortages this coming winter to regain support from rightwing voters, leading to infighting and possibly a split within the gov’t.

  4. Having Italy on your side during war is more of a burden than anything. Ask a German..

  5. On reddit if you are against illegal immigration or open borders you automatically are labelled as fascist. Lol

    What a joke

  6. right wing in the EU are anti immigration… and the left portrayed being anti immigration as been racist, nazi and fashist… and thus pro russian. Because they had to portray anti immigration as much evil as they could.

    Well there is certainely some Putin friends in righ wings party, but last time i check… we used to call the left…socialists… you know like in “the union of socialist republics” USSR…

  7. Wasnt this trator saying she was supporting sanctions prewar?

  8. Well everyone in here she pro putin she was before the war its salvini and berlusconi what is a worry now

  9. A bunch of rifles from Mussolini’s personal guards regiment stored in an attic in Rome.

  10. Very big if true coming from this bitch

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