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  1. I wish they made bags of bread with just the end pieces, they’re the best part and then they won’t go to waste on nerds that don’t like them.

  2. Just slice it in small squares, pop them in the oven until it’s crunchy and youll have home made croutons.
    You can season it too, like with butter or garlic if you don’t like it plain.
    I do this as a broke uni student lol

  3. Tomato puree spread like butter, Then some green seasoning (Think basil or thyme etc) Then cheese and some diced ham or sausage. Boom, Cheap simple struggle pizza from the air fryer.

  4. Dude, I must be the most screwed up person on earth because you could give me a bag of heels of bread and I would be in heaven.

    Kids don’t want the crust of bread. “Give it to dad he loves them”

    Heel of bread is all that is left. “Dad, you are up!”

    My wife actually gets bent if I eat the heels before the bread is done she says it dries it out. Might be some truth to that it seems.

    I love the heels on all kinds of things. Pastrami at the deli and they stop cutting to throw away the end…hell no I would pay extra for that piece. End of a pork tenderloin? GEMMEE THAT!