meal prepped some pasta sauce to get me through a week of…

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  1. I’ve never seen “food” look so much like actual shit in my entire life. Did it taste good at least?!

  2. I think you misunderstood the “shitty” part of shittyfoodporn… you’re not ACTUALLY supposed to pass off your shit as food.

  3. Meal Prep Pasta Sauce Recipe:

    1. Go to your nearest Italian Restaurant and order some takeout.

    2. Pour the contents out of the takeout box right infront of them

    3. Strip down, stare them dead in the eyes, and take a shit in the container.

    4. Put it in the fridge immediately and reheat when necessary.

    Shelf life: 1 Week

  4. I cooked a frozen lasagna once that I found out was expired for two years before I threw it in the oven and the sauce looked just like that

  5. Why don’t you just buy some ground beef and two cans of different pre-made pasta sauces? It tastes amazing and is super cheap. This looks like dog shit.