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2022-08-06 08:15:06

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  1. Modern homophobia was exported into Japan by merchants and missionaries when Japan opened it’s borders

  2. I will take every opportunity to point out that Sailor Uranus was canonically bigender in the original manga.

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    **bilatinman kio**, @kzzrttt

    when people insist lgbt stuff in jpn media is from modern western influence i kinda have to laugh considering they had to stop dubbing sailor moon in america initially and didn’t adapt the final season until like 20 something years later because it got too fucking gay to censor

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  4. And our country wouldn’t air the Stars season because of the Sailor Starlight’s gender. I watched it illegally on the internet 20 years ago when I found out there was another season, and fucking fell in love with both male and female Yaten.

  5. They haven’t made same-sex marriage legal yet. The decisions of the court for banning it and the pro-lgbt views of the creators of popular media tells of a conflict between different groups on such issues. It all seems to tell stories of two different “Japans”. I wonder if there is a traditional values/anti-lgbt group we don’t hear of.

  6. Also Cardcaptors was almost a completely different show in the dub – mostly to target more of a male demographic, but also because everyone was just oh so gay for each other (sometimes in not-OK ways)

  7. It shocks me what was considered “offensive” in censorship’s eyes… like… in Paper Mario TTYD, Vivian was trans in near every dub excluding English. Like, why is that considered so bad that they’d need to change the rating if it had remained?

  8. Modern Japanese media is Western-influenced anyway (anime was influenced by Betty Boop, early Disney, etc.), so I don’t know why people only use that idea as a negative when there’s gay rep involved… wait, I know.

    Also, I feel like people think it’s a new Western influence, even though there have been lgbt characters in manga since the 1950s. The Rows of Cherry Trees came out in 1957 and was about a love triangle between three teenage girls.

  9. genuinely a lot of Japanese media is based as fuck, and I take a lot of inspiration from it in my own writing

  10. There’s also about 2 kids exploring their gender identity called hourou musuko. Anime was released in 2010.

    And of course, anyone with the slightest bit of knowledge of pre-WWII Japan would know the country has had a rich culture of homosexuality

  11. Season 5 of Sailor Moon not being translated was a bit more complicated than that: Toei Animation wouldn’t license the final season outside of Japan. Takeuchi was unhappy with how Toei changed a lot of her plot points and their arguments lead to restricting distribution.

  12. Weren’t Sailors Uranus and Neptune gay lovers but the US dub made them cousins because they were afraid of The Gay?

  13. Anyone who claims homosexuality was imported into Japan or its media has never heard of the term nanshoku 男色