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2022-08-06 11:22:21

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  1. I still do it that way in the 2020s at 16. I’m not gonna crawl under my desk just to put on my computer.

  2. What changed? Isn’t the button still down there? I didn’t own a desktop computer for a very long time so it’s a serious question

  3. Saying you turn on a computer implies it was turned off at some point before, and we both know that was not the case.

  4. I used to do that first thing after work, give the PC a little foot tap. Now my PC has a button on top so i can use my hands lol

  5. You think just because my pc is on my desk and the power button is on top that I don’t still do this?

  6. 2000s? i did this with my old PC when i was growing up, little war machine, it’s been broken for a long time

  7. My power button is on top of my case, so I can’t do this anymore. Now I have to use my h*nds to turn it on.