1. somebody NEEDS to talk to the dog

  2. I’m of the opinion that there might possibly have been two Mitch Jones. One was doing nothing and playing with the dog and the other was talking to Adriannah. This is possible through time travel.

  3. at this point interview the dog it will give you a more concise statement then mitch.

  4. mitch was in the room for 20min. he has said nothing about what he did or heard during that time.

    also was he playing with the dog in the room they where in? mitch is flip flopping so much on what happened.

  5. I’m convinced nobody remembers what happened last year let alone something that happened nearly 3 years ago. I’m also convinced people are playing with other people’s careers/lives at this point. This will never be about the SA, unfortunately.

  6. lol imagine Destiny’s viewership if he actually played AmongUs when that game blew up

  7. I would assume that Miz was talking about what happened prior them going over? E.g. mitch might have calmed them down and make up their “lets go over there and find out” battleplan. Someone also had to put Miz+Maya in contact with Barry, who presumably was the only person that actually knew where Adrianah lives?

  8. Game of Jones.

  9. I think what Miz needed from Mitch was to contact Barry and Kyle so Maya could talk to Adrianah. Once they arranged the meeting, they basically told him to shut up during the conversation and let Maya do the talking.

    This is what Miz is referring to when he says “he stepped up”. Mitch immediately called Kyle to see if it was okay to come over, Kyle said yes. Once that happened, his job was done.

  10. Adriannah could come out again and explain it again very clearly and everything would be over. She is probably scared and overwhelmed by everything that has been happening though.

  11. I mean, in the second clip of them praising Mitch they could’ve been talking about him helping them cope with the stress of the situation and being there for them. But there is Adrianah’s new statement about Mitch trying to downplay what happened

  12. Miz giving a hyperbolic shoutout is just onbrand for him, while Maya was trying to describe events as if she were at a deposition, trying to be as clear as possible. With everything we know, especially about 5head Mitch Jones, Maya’s description of events seem much more likely, while Miz’s doesn’t seem like a diversion of the truth, only that he was trying to make everyone feel good, and at that time, doesn’t seem like a big deal.

  13. But Adrianah says Mitch was urging her to downplay it. Maybe he did that out of earshot of Maya?


    Barry is good friends with Mitch.


    Adrianah suggests a driving force to downplay what
    Slick did is Mitch.


    Barry and Maya are the only other people in the room.


    Barry shifts *all* the blame to Maya, and Mitch claims he wasn’t even in the room, but outside.


    I think everyone agrees Maya was wrong to go over there in the first place, but it feels like she’s being railroaded for way more than that.

  14. only person i could clear is forsen

  15. With more and more information coming out about for example train giving adri money, it sure seems like this whole things is trains way of getting back at miz for getting gambling banned on twitch…

    Like why is even XQC involved in this whole thing? Seems like a vendetta against miz .

  16. Destiny is taking Miz and Maya’s words too seriously in that video. Mitch “stepped up” might mean just being there for them, compared to other people in the house who weren’t maybe (miz mentions russel), maybe talking to Slick first and just trying to help around, going with Maya to the apartment.

    You’d have to understand what Miz and Maya meant with “stepped up.”

    Yeah he called r**ards the people in chat with this take… very balanced judgment Destiny good job lol

  17. Idk why destiny is hardcore questioning Maya and Mizkif’s statement from past to future but believing upon all reasonable doubt that Kyle (AL’s friend) is all good and well despite the inconsistencies and changings of his own story lol, almost as if his bias is showing.

  18. Doesn’t she just mean Mitch didn’t do anything wrong

    Rather than that he literally did nothing

  19. Ok here me out I said this in another thread and this is just assumptions.

    But I’m thinking Miz and Maya did actually have the goal to just get information and for some stupid reason Mitch got it in his mind that Miz saying “You are Maya higa” means to go downplay it.

    Remember Mitch has streamer brain rot and has been exposed with coming up with these delusions. Like the Hasan thing

    So Maya arrives to Adrianah wanting to know what happened and Mitch arrives thinking his some sleeper agent and got woken up by Miz code word ” You are Maya higa”.

    Mitch would have more proof on Miz saying he wanted a cover up but he doesn’t and he admits in his discord he didn’t even know Mizkif intentions that day [https://i.imgur.com/fFS6vcg.png](https://i.imgur.com/fFS6vcg.png)

  20. Her eye roll when he said “mitch stepped up” says a lot.

  21. I’m ngl eye witnesses are known to be incredibly unreliable, especially this one with the information we know and the fact they changed story a year later, at this point it just needs throwing out the window, you’re not getting the clout u want, adrianahs friends should have made more sense and had their stories straight because now it just seems that slick is just a creep but not a sexual assaulter and they are simply sour they’re not being invited to parties to colab.

    Adrianah was completely unconscious and all we have are these flip flop witnesses who can’t decide what happened a year later it sucks for real SA victims but this shits just goofy at this point and just reeks of a bunch of immature children all trying to ruin eachothers careers with any dirt they can find

  22. She had to protect Mitch or else Mitch blows up her story. It’s not complicated. Same deal with Mitch trying to exculpate her.

  23. Its hard when everyone believes miz and mitch had a tight relationship, and then u see him being hardcore friends with train all because trains been giving him fucktons of money and now most likely gonna purchase him a place to live

  24. i think this drama has been milked enough already jesus Destiny, find some new content ma man.

  25. So either Miz, Maya, and Mitch are all culpable for the downplay, or it’s just Miz and Maya.

    Just to clear, none of the statements about Mitch absolves Miz and Maya in any way.

  26. So tired of destiny having free reign on the narrative spin on every fucking drama, it would be bearable if he wasn’t trying so fucking hard to seem clever when he’s just as stupid as the rest of them


  28. Imagine if miz and Maya were defending mitch so that he wouldn’t get involved lol

  29. Mizkif fans obviously don’t have anything better to do right now than to browse this subreddit. Do NOT let anyone gaslight you about Mizkif.

    Because even though we don’t have physical proof of what Mizkif told Maya and Mitch to do…

    We do know that Mizkif was more concerned about his friend getting canceled than he was concerned about the sexual assault.

    We know that Mizkif downplayed sexual assault in a livestream that he did.

    Adrianah testifies that Mizkif mocked her in person, with him dancing and saying “HEY GUYS LOOK, IT’S THE GIRL WHO TRIED TO CANCEL MY BEST FRIEND.”

    Mizkif is a fucking piece of shit and there is absolutely no denying it.

  30. 2:31am schizo theory.

    Mitch was the one who made Adri downpaly the tl and Miz and Maya knew it all this time, but have kept silent and that is why Mitch is being so weird and dodgy and Maya and Miz are saying he didn’t do anything when Adri said he did.

  31. I’m starting to think Mitch, Maya and Miz are all equally complicit. They all played a part but one couldn’t keep their mouth shut in the end.

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