Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales Steam page is up

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Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales Steam page is up

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  1. that’s quite unexpectedly soon. Since Uncharted is launching in October, so Miles Morales is likely sometime in November.

  2. I’ll wishlist it but it really depends on how they pull the pricing off for owners of Spider-Man. If it’s another full priced title, easy skip.

  3. This better be a $20 upgrade for current Spider-Man owners, and at most a $70 package for both. If it’s anything else Sony can really get fucked.

  4. I pre-ordered Spider-Man Remastered but I won’t get this at launch

    Spider-Man Remastered was pretty good but this seems like more of the same. I actually was surprised how good it was because I never liked Spider-Man. Same with Batman, never read the comics or watched the movies but the games are awesome. If you liked the Batman games you can check out Spider-Man as well.

    Now I’m waiting for Uncharted 4, The Last of Us Part 1 and Returnal to come to Steam. Those are definite pre-orders for me.

    What is awesome about all these Sony games is how they are purely focused on single-player. No tacked on multiplayer or micro transaction BS like in most of Microsofts games.

  5. Sony surprised at how much money they made without the DLC and now they gotta cash in fully.

    When are they gonna fully learn that releasing games for PC is gonna make them more money?

    *not a DLC. Thanks for reminding me. I felt like it was more of an expansion considering the length and I’ll go down fighting that it should have been included with the original game on the PC especially at that price.

  6. If this one doesnt have the lame ass stealth missions, or useless collectibles, or mission design for 10 years old just like the first one, then I’m in.

  7. That was a great “stand alone expansion”. I probably would have never picked it up if it wasn’t part of the PS5 bundle I bought.

  8. This game played a lot better than the first, mostly because Miles has a lot more flexible animations while swinging and the side missions are much better. They feel more alive.

    Also, the podcasts are positive vibes instead of JJJ ramming on. All in all it does a lot more for Miles than the original did for Peter.