Mar-a-Lago Special Master Torches Team Trump’s Bogus…

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Mar-a-Lago Special Master Torches Team Trump’s Bogus Declassification Argument

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  1. Fun fact: Three of the statutes cited in the affidavit for the warrant do not even require the stolen documents to be classified.

  2. > In a pre-hearing filing on Monday, Trump’s lawyers indicated they should not have to disclose details about what was or wasn’t declassified, as it could affect Trump’s defense against potential criminal charges.

    These people, who presumably passed an LSAT and the bar exam at some point, can only come up with, “how dare you ask us to repeat our lies on record!”

  3. I wonder if Trump actually knows he is incompetent. I wonder if he puts on his makeup, looks at himself in the mirror and talks himself up everyday

  4. As expected. This is a stalling tactic. Time is the enemy of prosecution. They will NOT work on finding exonerating evidence (because it doesn’t exist). They will run every trivial bullshit thing imaginable to delay.

  5. Important to note, the classification status has nothing to do with the potential charges DOJ is looking at. Even if these docs were all magically declassified, which they weren’t, it would have no bearing on the investigation or charges

  6. Isn’t this the 2020 election all over again? Trump says he won. But can’t prove it in court, over dozens of times.

    But his Kraken legal team repeats it on Fox & Newsmax & qnon YouTube & Limbaugh lite shock jocks & etc etc

    Then 40% either believe in lies or pander to those who believe in lies and we debate back and forth until the next election arrives to either anoint Trump kissers or not.

    American politics or wrestlemania. Which one is reality?

  7. Let’s be clear: he had 11,000 government documents in his private residence. NONE of them belonged to him – regardless of classification.

  8. We all knew the argument was bullshit. This is just a delay tactic. He’ll probably appeal the special master and say something like “this guy was a democrat deep state hack etc..”. And his favorite judge will probably go along with it.

  9. Declassification has a process. Trump can’t just yell out “I declare declassification!” like he’s Michael Scott.

  10. This would be a (half) decent argument if the case wasn’t so public. Every person walking on this earth knows this fuck is guilty but the more he can obfuscate it publicly, the better chance he has to sway some judge to his side.

  11. Its all a con! This was the plan, make the government think this guy is legit and then boom they will extend and extend hoping midterms Reps take over and abolish any case against Trump! This is called an “evil genius “ move and only way it won’t work is if Dems win! Imo

  12. If he couldn’t even see the documents, there’s no way to review them for attorney/client privilege.

    To think a respectable lawyer, would do that….trump played his hand. I’m sure this worked many times over before he was president, but this is pretty serious and yeah you can’t just read things about national security like that in a week.

  13. Is this a fucking Twilight movie? It’s not team trump vs team sane people of America, this is sleazeball douchebag career criminal wanna be cosa nostra sexual assailant tax dodger Russian plant shitty reality tv star vs democracy. If rolling stone can’t put it into context, even mick jagger will be rolling in his grave. Oh wait, he isn’t dead yet, wtf?

  14. Fuck Trump. He has the money to buy good lawyers to stall, something normal Americans do not have the means or know how to do. He’s crooked, just another used car salesman using his words and ‘charisma’ to charm others k into liking him. My eyes just rolled when I heard the NY DA filed criminal lawsuit against Trump today citing fraudulent real estate claims that over inflated his worth so he/his business could qualify for loans , millions worth. For the normal American, even a few tens of thousands dollars in fraud would land our asses in jail fast. Hope he gets what he deserves

  15. Was a time I was a more naive, that lawyers were smart, all that college, the BAR exam. TV shows made them look diligent and smart. Well until I actually needed a lawyer and had to hire one. Then you find they are just as stupid as most people. I had this idea lawyers were realistic, would tell a client, no that will never get past a judge, nope just let them run wild, then the huge disappointment in court.

    My ex went thru 4 lawyers in a short span, like someone else in the news, she did not like to pay them. Her first lawyer, actually tried to argue to a judge that 3 months salary for an engagement ring was some sort of law, that I in fact owed it to her in the divorce. A decent lawyer would have preferred not look stupid in court.

    The next lawyer just ran up the bills and never went to court, then dumped her when the money ran out, lawyer 3 was a bit more challenging considering her payment issues. She managed to find one who used the ‘I do not want to pay defense’. I went looking, never seen that actually work in a child support case. Yes that is how bad her lawyers were, SHE pays me the guy child support. What a shock the judge did not accept the I do not want to pay thing, since she refused to hand over anything financial, he based it on a 40hr job at McDonalds.

    I kept wondering where do you find such bad lawyers, well seems there is a special section in the yellow pages for stupid ones. The presidents argument is, I declassified them, but never told anyone, and do not have to tell the judge either. Maybe he could try finding a lawyer who actually wins cases…..oh yea they usually expected to be paid, up front.