Mar-a-Lago special master orders Trump team to back up any…

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Mar-a-Lago special master orders Trump team to back up any claims of FBI ‘planting’ evidence

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  1. > The declaration must include “a list of any specific items set forth in the Detailed Property Inventory that Plaintiff asserts were not seized from the Premises on August 8, 2022,” Dearie wrote in the order.

  2. That this judge is one that Trump’s team requested on the short list for Special Master makes this even more satisfying.

  3. DOJ might be quite happy with the special master. Easy way to counter Trump’s public statements without getting involved.

  4. So there must be some really bad shit there if this is what they are trying to say now. I mean I know Top Secret and Classified and all but my point is they know they done fucked up and justice will be glorious.

    But I do believe that there will be violence out of this as well. I suspect a lot of things are going to start coming to a head right before, during, and immediately after the midterms.

  5. As with all of Trumps BS claims, this is where the rubber meets the road.

    This isn’t the media where you can spew baseless shit, any claims in legal proceedings have to be backed with verified evidence.

  6. Well, this should be easy for Trump’s team, right? I’m sure they definitely have evidence to back up their claims on “news” outlets. For sure they have evidence.


  7. They provide a video of the FBI agents taking evidence and reverse the clip. “Sir, why is everyone walking backwards?”

  8. A detail that I especially like: Dearie has hired another federal judge to assist him. For this help he suggested the judge be paid 500 dollars an hour . . . by Trump’s team.

  9. It’s a political hit job by this activist judge!

    It’s fake news that we requested him! The FBI planted him on the bench! His college transcripts were never declassified by my thoughts!

  10. Trump might end up paying $500/hr to a guy that might help put him in jail. That might be the best cherry you could get on this sundae

  11. Waiting for Trump to proclaim that the witch hunt conspiracy goes further and deeper than anyone could have ever known . . . followed by a case management order asking for a declaration regarding this claim.

  12. “Dearie said he won’t seek any additional compensation for serving as the special master because he’s currently on the US government payroll as a federal judge. But he proposed that Orenstein get paid $500 an hour, which would be covered by Trump, based on a prior court ruling in the case.”

    This part must really be spinning the Trump team’s heads. “What do you mean he won’t take the money? Our PAC would have paid him $1000 an hour plus expenses plus any relatives he wanted on the payroll to stretch this out two years and he won’t take the money? Is that legal?”

  13. Trump now asserts that the FBI was looking for Hillary Clinton’s emails. He’s resorted to just shouting keywords to appease the idiots on Truth Social.

  14. Trump’s claims have a purpose, and it’s not entirely obvious.

    Do y’all remember those Nigerian prince scams? For a while we all laughed at how spectacularly obvious those cons were, and how stupid a mark would need to be to fall for it.

    But a closer examination revealed that the ludicrous claims turned out to be its secret weapon. The key to its success.

    Because if you were dumb enough to read the email, and reply anyway, you’ve just *self-selected* yourself as a TRULY stupid person. Which meant the scammers had to do a *lot* less weeding in order to find their marks.

    You probably have already heard about “stochastic terrorism” but in case you haven’t, or anyone reading hasn’t, here’s a definition.

    > Since 2018, the term “[stochastic terrorism](” has become a popular term used when discussing lone wolf attacks.[33] While the exact definition has morphed over time, it has commonly come to refer to a concept whereby consistently demonizing or dehumanizing a targeted group or individual results in violence that is statistically likely, but cannot be easily accurately predicted. The term was initially used to suggest that a quantifiable relationship may exist between seemingly random acts of terror and their intended goal of “perpetuating a reign of fear” via a manipulation of mass media and its capacity for “instant global news communication”.

    On Jan6, Trump showed us that he was *undeniably* willing — and able — to use the true believers to effect a coup.

    Look at how he set that ball in motion.

    Trump told them the *other* side was cheating, he told them their country and their families were literally at risk of being destroyed because of that fraud, he told them they would have to be tough, and they’d have to go outside the rules. Trump told them exactly where the fraud was taking place, and by who. And he said he’d meet them there.

    Trump’s full-on embracing of QAnon IS a sign that he’s quite desperate. He knows that if he doesn’t regain power, he’ll likely serve jail time.

    But going all-in is *also* the best shot Trump can imagine. He’s not getting re-elected and he knows it.

    Just thinking to himself, “I came so close.”

    Trump embracing QAnon is him pulling the Nigerian scam. He’s causing his supporters to self-select the dumbest, most credulous True Believers.

    “Instead of throwing demonization to the wind”, Trump thinks, “I’ll throw it into a powder keg.”

    In embracing QAnon, Trump separated the useful wheat from the chaff. He distilled out the droolers. This is intentional.

    When he loses, Trump’s message of demonization will land on very fertile ground.

  15. They tried so hard to fight this in the “Court of Public Opinion” just like everything else but this ain’t that kid…..In *REAL* Court you better come with the goods or you’re going to get bent over a table and fucked with a paving stone

    Everything is falling apart and falling apart rapidly

    Already the delay tactic failed miserably, this former FISA Judge is not fuckin playing around, the Circut Court just ruled Unanimously that all the Stamped Classified documents are to be released back to the FBI to continue their criminal investigation

    Get fucked Trump- Godspeed lol

  16. Special master Dearie is ironically turning out to be a welcome breath of fresh air in this whole fucked up situation.

  17. Trump is delusional enough to think that he can tell a real judge to ignore the law that he has dedicated his life to uphold.

    Any judge, in his courtroom, is the king. Dearie is next level, FISA level, trusted with the nation’s secrets.

    99% of all judges take the responsibility very seriously, FISA judges even more so. He will not suffer fools.

  18. It wasn’t clear what would happen with Dearie. But it’s especially unexpected that he’s actively exposing all of the lies.

  19. My question is why trump’s lawyers are asking to be given security clearances so that they can examine documents they say are declassified. Isn’t that kind of admitting that they *are* classified?

  20. “Unfortunately, we have none, that was simply said to rile up Trump’s moron supporters and grift a few extra bucks.”

  21. Give it a few more days, trump will be telling his base that the judge is a liberal in the pockets of soros and the Clinton’s and his cult will eat it up

  22. This is satisfying in the way that things are moving at a hungry pace as opposed to waiting six years to never for anything to catch up with him