Map of OW Hero Origins; What countries would you like to see…

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  1. Italy has a ton of maps, could be cool to have an Italian hero.

    Also I’m from South Africa, would be awesome to have a South African hero

  2. I’m hoping Mauga will come, which would likely bring in Samoa, as I’m pretty sure Mauga is Samoan. This would also bring in the first pacific island nation and second Oceanic nation overall after Australia. They don’t get too much representation so that’s nice.

    Apart from that I would also like to see a Vietnamese hero.

  3. philippines. no video game that i can recall has a filipino character (or superhero or main villain blahblahblah).

    edit: today i learned that Valorant has a Filipino character, Neon.

  4. I’d like a hero from Puerto Rico or the Dominican Republic. Caribbean Spanish is so different from Castellano or Mexican- video games have bloat of Spanish Spanish, and just in recent years started having Mexican Spanish. Seeing a Caribbean Spanish character would be cool, it’s very rare in video games.

  5. Man, I know folks are going to be excited for locales they are most familiar with, but slightly disheartening to see people look at this map and go: “See the biggest cluster on that little peninsula? We need more around there”

    Anyhow, South America, Africa, Middle East, and Southeast Asia all could use some serious love. All four are such varied regions. Hopefully they’re not solely repped by Brazil, Nigeria, Egypt, and a robot who imprinted on a Singaporean woman respectively forever.

  6. Want a Portuguese one but at the same time I would probably nitpick every lil inconsistency or unfitting thing about them so maybe it’s better if they keep doing heroes from countries I’m not from.

  7. South America and Sub-Saharan Africa are severely underrepresented. like every country is lumped into generalized “Latin” and “African”

  8. Mediterranean and Middle East needs more representation. Someone from Central Asia or the Steppe would be sick and a good concept to work with also (think horseback nomadic tribes)

  9. I think the areas that are most underrepresented as far as overwatch heroes go are southern europe, western asia, central asia, eastern africa, southern africa, and polynesia. There are no heroes from these regions! I think they should add greek, persian, Uzbek, ethiopian, and South African characters! Mauga will likely be a Polynesian character they add to the game 🙂

    Some other areas that have very few characters are eastern Europe, southeast Asia, and South / Central America.

    Most overrepresented are north america, western Europe, and east asia, probably because most players are from these regions

  10. I hope to someday see a Thai hero. But we don’t even have the game with a Thai version even though there’s a big Thai community so…

  11. Same countries, but make an indigenous hero. I’d love to see a Native American support…could have a bow and be mechanically like Hanzo, but heals like Ana. I’d love to see an indigenous hero regardless though

  12. As an Estonian I have a personal dream of seeing an Estonian hero in Overwatch. I even made a concept of one in the Tank role, plays similarly to Reinhardt by wielding a longsword and focusing on melee combat.

  13. Technically Numbani is a new city-state like country (similar to Andorra, Monaco, or Singapore) near Nigeria, not in Nigeria itself.

    Echo was created in Switzerland, and never actually was in Singapore, though she gets her personality from a Singaporean, so I guess it’s complicated.