Many POWs freed by Russia had suffered torture – senior…

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Many POWs freed by Russia had suffered torture – senior Ukraine official

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  1. You mean to tell me that Russia – (the bastion of law and order) ignored the Geneva Convention? NO! This can’t be!

  2. In the video showing PoW exchange, many were barely walking, and some brought on stretchers, all thin as stickmen. Given that they weren’t looking too good when captured to begin with, it’s quite clear how the prison life was.

    This shows that Putinoids have no dignity nor logic; if they believe their country is mighty and righteous, why treat defeated enemies so badly, helpless prisoners especially? No *truly* great power would steep that low.

  3. That is good way to inspire Ukraine soldiers to fight to the death instead of allowing themselves to be captured.

  4. I mean, there was the video of Russian soldiers castrating their enemy, and shoving the victims penis up his own ass before killing him.

    Torture… You don’t say. /s

  5. Well yeah, they’ve verified time and time again there’s no “real” danger to egregiously committing war crimes, so why not just do it as much as they want? Nobody’s going to do anything, and they know that.

  6. The Russian Federation strictly obeys the Geneva Convention and all international laws of war. Unfortunately, several Ukrainian soldiers tripped and fell in the detention facility, striking car batteries attached to jumper cables with their testicles on the way down. We can only do so much; we advised them to be more careful.

  7. I truly hope the Russian people can rise up together and revolt against this pos, I’ve been to Russia and the majority of people there are truly good and I hope they have the strength to show that now.

  8. I think it is important that we not confuse Putin with a Nazi. He is just as bad, but history will need to see him differently to learn from this.

  9. Am I the only one who reads the title as if Russia freed POW’s and those POW’s had suffered torture- and a senior Ukraine official saying this would seemingly admit that Ukraine had been torturing Russian captives?

    So essentially the title is just the opposite of what the story tells?

  10. Is it just me, or does this headline make it sound like the Ukrainians we’re doing the torturing? If they were “POWs freed BY Russia” then they were freed FROM Ukraine, right? Maybe it’s just a language/translation thing. Not commenting on any facts, just the way the article was written.

  11. This is how Russia replenish their depleted fleet with prisoner exchange. Welcome back comrades, get back to the front!!!!