1. A lot of Iranian men seem to be stepping up to help and protect Iranian women, these guys are priceless

  2. This one is my favorite video out of all of them so far.

  3. I don’t know why this is not getting more press coverage.

  4. a just society cannot tolerate the intolerant.

  5. Thrash him 👍

  6. Ouff satisfying as fuck

  7. With that song, yeah, this is FU**ING satisfying.

  8. It’s midlysatisfying until you put the sound on, then it becomes nextfuckinglevel

  9. That’s what heroes do.

  10. Dude u done n fucked up bigtjme

  11. He won’t be doing that again will he?!

  12. Now just do it to your officials

  13. With the current events unfolding in Iran, would it be safe to wonder whether a revolution is around the corner? One can hope…

  14. It’s about time.

  15. There are a ton of subs that would get a kick out of this, but no, this isn’t r/mildlysatisfying material. Unless you consider this something that satisfies you on a day to day basis, something that’s too mild to share with people but for this sub.

    Actually, I’m seeing a bunch of crossposts from r/nextfuckinglevel here today. None of those belong here, by definition.

  16. Olive green tshirt guy wasn’t kidding around

  17. So a man stands up for his religion and is attacked? Wow, just like in the USA. The woke left libtard mob is everywhere I guess

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