MAGA and the “incels”: Latest Jan. 6 arrests show how…

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MAGA and the “incels”: Latest Jan. 6 arrests show how fascists target insecure young men

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  1. Everybody in this thread talking about how ‘persuasive’ the right is and yet no one has even talked about the fact that they are actively trying to recruit people.

    Left politics is far more about letting people do whatever they want so long as it doesn’t hurt others. Therefore left politics don’t often try to ‘recruit’ people (ignoring tankies of course).

    The people they go after are people who want what everyone wants. A sense of community and a sense of accomplishment. The trick is its easy to hook young men when you tell them their future has been stolen from them. It has of course but by corporations, not immigrants or leftists. Fascist try to engage the bully mindset. You tell someone that corporations have stolen their future and the fight seems tough and insurmountable. You tell them queers and immigrants have stolen it and it sounds easy to go beat some people up with 6 of your ‘friends’ after crushing some brews.

    In conclusion, fascists are just control freaks and cowards looking to belong to something.

  2. I don’t have time because I’m at work, but there’s a lot of really interesting stuff that I came across when doing my thesis on Fascist Italy that was about gender in Fascist society. I didn’t give it too much focus because it would’ve turned into a whole dissertation if I tried to fully flesh out life under fascism.

    I’ll try to edit this later with some stuff.

    Edit: Okay I’m home now! So, what I found in my research was that there is a trait of hypermasculinity (forced upon the population by the men in power, but reinforced by the broad support from both men and women that they enjoyed) common to both Italian Fascism and its younger sibling National Socialism. Just going based on how the two came to be, it’s a particularly male foundation. In Italy 5.5 MILLION men were put in uniform. All but 8 fucking thousand were drafted. And they watched their friends get killed and injured in some of the worst ways, have their minds fried, and for what? Italy didn’t get as much territory as they wanted after the war, and it felt like all of the things they’d suffered were for naught. And the horrors of that war were things so obscene that the public (men who didn’t go to war, women, and children) largely couldn’t comprehend them. Make no doubt the civilians of both Italy and Germany suffered as well, particularly the latter, but not in the same way as the soldiers. For the Germans add shame of losing the war, losing territory, and having part of their country occupied not only by the winners, but by *black colonial soldiers*. So now you’ve got millions of veterans bonded by trauma that’s gonna define the rest of their lives, feeling like nobody else will understand them, all looking for a purpose for their suffering and sacrifices. Now add into this the boys who were too young to fight. They missed out on the great crusade of nationalism that was gonna earn them a place in the history books (or so their propaganda told them). The defining moment of their generation, and they were too young to partake, so they were now alienated from their older peers. They caught wind of the nationalist and Fascist movements of 1919 and saw it as a continuation of the same historical shift as the war – and one in which they could partake! For the younger guys it could be called an inferiority complex, and they overcorrected (simplification, but you get the idea); for the older ones who were actually in the war, it could be seen as resentment and a search for value in their sacrifice and loss (also an oversimplification but again, you get it).

    What’s really interesting is how they treated the children. Boys went into the ONB in Italy and HJ in Germany wherein they were made to partake in martial drills; marching, training with weapons, physical conditioning, etc. all starting at about age 8. What I found particularly noteworthy was an excerpt from historian Christopher Duggan’s *Fascist Voices* in which he talks about the ONB local leaders promoting promiscuity in the boys because it was considered masculine, and relates an account of an ONB chapter going to a different city for a rally, and while there the adult leaders took the boys under their care to a brothel. Some of the boys were devout Catholics and didn’t want to partake were mocked and peer pressured. I think it’s important to recognize these boys were also victims of Fascism. Like, Italy was Fascist for 22 years, so imagine how many stories there are like that which were just never told or never recorded. At the very least it mentally fucked up a whole lot of people.

  3. > When you read the arrest record, what is truly distressing is how young these five men are: All are between 21 and 23. They were barely out of their teens — and in some cases still in them — when they decided to storm the Capitol. But that’s exactly what America First specializes in: recruiting high school and college-age boys and young men by appealing to adolescent insecurities and convincing them that the cure for the entirely normal mix of emotions they’re feeling can be found in embracing a fascist movement. This is part of a much larger trend, in which authoritarians exploit garden-variety teenage-male anxieties, especially around sex and dating, to seduce young men into far-right ideology.

    > Last year, Ben Lorber, a research analyst at Political Research Associates, told Salon that Fuentes — who is himself only 24 — targets “right-wing college students in order to further radicalize the next generation of conservative leaders.” He goes to young Republican events — especially conferences held by groups like Turning Point USA, which dabble in racist rhetoric while seeking to remain adjacent to “mainstream” conservative opinion — seeking out young men who may already harbor bigoted opinions, in hopes of “red-pilling” them, or converting them into full-on white nationalists. But Fuentes really excels at targeting young men who believe themselves to be failing in the world of sex and dating, and using that insecurity to radicalize them.

    This seems bad.

  4. People don’t want to hear it, but the right is just better at messaging. They use humor effectively, promise change (not a good change but a change nevertheless) and often offer actual tangible steps men should take – ‘Reject modernity, lift weights, go to church etc.’

    Meanwhile, progressive spaces are mostly doom and gloom, 50,000 articles on how men are horrible, mudslinging over extremely niche issues, people cancelling each other over nothing, treating everyone who doesn’t agree with you on every single issue as an enemy etc.

    While fascists promise a return to a glorious mythical past, progressive spaces constantly talk about how everything is doomed. Honestly, the only reason I even interact with them is because conservatives are wrong about literally everything.

  5. > That’s exactly what America First specializes in: recruiting high school and college-age boys and young men by appealing to adolescent insecurities and convincing them that the cure for the entirely normal mix of emotions they’re feeling can be found in embracing a fascist movement.

    And rhetoric like this is why progressive politics can be so off-putting. Minimizing the feelings of teenaged angst is so obviously bad that I half wonder if this is a right wing psyop. No one can be this dumb, right?

    In fairness, the author of the piece was one of the first journalists roughly a decade ago to take pickup artistry and the Red Pill as a social force. However to spend all that time around them and think the appeal to some dark forces “entirely normal” is bizarre. Regular teen issues lead to some dark places without the proper support. Engaging them in their time of need sounds too much like right.