[Lowlight] This “strike” against Dalton Guthrie might be one…

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  1. Honestly, fuck the announcers for justifying this nonsense. “Pretty good pitch” my ass. Not his first awful call either.

  2. That’s one of the most baffling strike calls I’ve ever seen

    Ball *starts* away and low, and crosses the plate maybe barely on the edge of the plate and *way* low

    Wasn’t even a changeup or something that maybe tails down and away after starting in the zone

  3. “Pretty good pitch. *Probably* low.”

    And it cuts to a graphic showing it’s like 6 inches below the zone lol.

  4. “We don’t take votes”

    “Neither did Henry the VIII”

    And thats how I got ejected from an NABA game last year. Pretty sure I was ejected for talking back and not the actual comment 😆

  5. Rhys doubled 2 batters later.

    Probably cost us a run, if not from scoring then from having 2o runner on 2nd rather then 1o runner on 2nd and 3rd

  6. These ump-lites need a reality check. Ignore the horrible call and just watch how aggressive the ump is with Guthrie after—just chirping right at him, making a bad situation worse. That’s clownshoe shit.

  7. Remember that time in the NBA when there were a ton of terrible calls being made and it was found out that one primary ref was in deep with the mob and intentionally making bad calls to cover his debts?

    Could there be something bigger going on with this “officiating” …..?

    This is an awful call. Just awful