Longtime Oklahoma Sooners football assistant Cale Gundy…

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  1. Yeah I’m calling bullshit on this. One utterance of a word that as soon as he read it he was “horrified” doesn’t end with a forced resignation.

  2. I don’t get it. I think he’s making it a bigger deal than it should be.

    He should just do a Thom Brennaman and get on with it.

  3. the words he read off the player’s iPad were ‘OMG. Coach just said ‘N***! can you believe it!?’

  4. His PR did a great job telling him to release this to control the narrative.

    No one who has ever been anywhere near a college football program would believe that he resigned over one word he said one time in practice, but it’s very easy to get people riled up about “cancel culture.”

  5. There is only really 1 shameful word, and can’t believe he said it.

    What kind of animal says the word spaz

  6. I’m going to be like Bill Burr and ask. What tf was he reading on that iPad? An article? Essay? Txt messages? Did not see it in the article other than him being flabbergasted by what he say.

  7. Even if saying the N-word out loud is an absolute career bridge burner, he was reading it off another student’s iPad.

    Like, I can picture the coach picking up the iPad, reading it OUT LOUD and then dismissing the student and having that kid kicked off the team.

    But there’s something more to this story to cause Cale Gundy to resign. This doesn’t make sense to me.

  8. Def missing info here. Also just want to say you don’t accidentally use words that you wouldn’t use normally. I.e I might accidentally drop an f bomb b/c I use it regularly. I’ll never accidentally drop the n word b/c it’s not part of my vocab.

  9. Do we really have to think about it that hard?

    It was the N-word.

    He said the N-word

    We’re at a weird point in history where it can be a used publicly by some people without repercussions, or ruin whole careers if the exact same thing is said, in the exact same forum, by a different person…. only different being the color of their skin

    It’s the only 100% racist “rule” that is widely accepted.

    I’m not saying it wrong…. United States still has a lot of healing to do… But it is weird.

  10. It is a crazy double standard when you can have black celebrities on tv say the n word, black musicians sing or rap about it constantly, yet to write the word on this sub-Reddit would get you banned. For someone to quote a phrase with the n word in it could get them fired from their job. I’m not saying the word should be banned or even said by everyone It’s just a crazy concept to even wrap your mind around.

  11. His brother was photographed wearing a OAN hat. The family is full of racists, so I think we can guess what words were said. And a fully grown man didn’t know what he was ‘reading’? Good riddance

  12. Went to school with Cale…had classes with him. Asshole never did a bit of homework and when it was turned it, it’s because someone else did it for him. As for this, yeah, I’m surprised he didn’t have anything come up sooner.

  13. Long time employee commits fireable offense. Gracious employer allows that offense to go off the record but makes employee resign. There I fixed the headline.