Lithuania will not give visas to Russians fleeing…

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Lithuania will not give visas to Russians fleeing mobilisation – MFA

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  1. >“This also requires background checks related to national security issues. Applications from Russian citizens will continue to be assessed in the usual way, taking into account all circumstances and on an individual basis, in order to avoid threats to Lithuania’s national security and to keep the door open for persecuted representatives of civil society and the opposition,” the ministry said.

    They’re not going to let Russian spies and provocateurs pour into the country unchecked under the guise of “fleeing mobilization”

  2. With population of 2.7 million people and 60 000 extra Ukrainian refugees expected this winter I cannot even begin to describe how little shit Lithuanians give about russians right now. As far as we’re concerned they can all choke on putin’s tiny d***

  3. I think only the fleeing Russians can change Russia. If everyone with opposing views leaves Russia, who is Russia left with? Just yes men?

  4. If Russians don’t want to go to war then they need to get rid of their shit government. Not that that is any small task, but sabotage, assassination, and general upheaval is how Russians are going to get out of this. Putin isn’t going to listen to reason unless it’s a bullet in his ear.

  5. Seems all the Baltic countries have gotten some big balls the last 6 months. Well done! I better watch-out with my wife then…she comes from there.

  6. Good. People who disagreed with Putin and his regime escaped months ago. Now mostly cowards who supported this disaster flee because their own asses are on fire. They were quiet or pro Putin as long as it didn’t affect them personally.

  7. Seems counterproductive. Making them stay would in effect be making them fight and kill Ukrainians which I would think we’d all want to avoid. There needs to be some check to make sure they aren’t trying to act in bad faith but it sounds like you’d want to get out as many able bodied Russians as possible to limit the Russian manpower.

  8. I don’t blame them. As other comments have said – they don’t want to risk Russian influence in their political or social sphere, which is what Russians do. But on top of that, it’s hard to feel bad for fleeing Russians when so many of them supported the war up until this point.

    I know it’s not all Russians – I’ve talked with a few here on Reddit who were just as sane and anti-war as everyone else… But it’s hard to feel for the general populace when there’s such a sizable majority agrees with the war and atrocities, and vocalizing genocidal beliefs. It’s a culture thing. It’s a bad culture thing. It’s hard not to say “you wanted war and violence, well here’s your opportunity to experience it first hand, enjoy it while you last”

  9. Let them out. The Russian people should not be suffering because their dictator is determined to kill them for his personal glory.

  10. It’s actually a good call, for all the EU nations to cut off the escape routes for Russians fleeing Putin. That way, they will have to stay in Russia… and rise up and rebel against Putin. If they have an easy way out, they will just take it.

  11. Good. Maybe those fleeing should push back and protest and eventually it will become a revolution and maybe just maybe Russia will change for the better