1. There was a subset of Lions fans that seemed eager for him to fail and I don’t know why

    Glad to see him doing good though, I always liked him.

  2. El jefe!!

  3. He’s been steadily *adding tools but didn’t get a lot of opportunity to showcase them due to injuries.

    What I really want to see from this year is how he’s held up on double moves or really good fakes downfield but so far I haven’t seen any of the all-22 reviews focus on him. He’s struggled to keep his feet in those situations in the past.

  4. He’s our problem free philosophy

  5. Okudah has been one of the Lions’ hardest workers and most competitive players since the day he was drafted. Anyone that hated on him is weird. Not like he’s some jerk-off like Ebron was

  6. Remember when Aubrey Pleasant yelled, “Do your job!” On the sideline and the national media wondered if there were locker room issues or a problem in their relationship? That was awesome…

  7. Jeff “Eric Bischoff” Okudah

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