Laying bricks on a beautiful sunny day

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+11702 – Laying bricks on a beautiful sunny day

2022-07-28 14:25:13

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Laying bricks on a beautiful sunny day from oddlysatisfying

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482 shares, 830 points


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  1. I assume at some point he comes back and gets the vertical spaces between the bricks, where there’s still visible cement excess… but that kinda ruined it for me.

  2. May be satisfying to watch, but this guy is fucking slow. Not a real job site, just for show

  3. There was a guy in town that could lay 2000 bricks a day.. and up to 3000. He was paid by the brick.

  4. I would be extremely interested in some actual scientific study of what it is that makes watching a repetitive task or action done so efficiently so satisfying to watch. I really want to know what process is in the brain.

  5. Drops cement, clanking his tool against the brick way too many times, and not even spreading the cement evenly. Not to mention he scrapes off excess from one side but ignores the other. This is far from oddly satisfying. This sub sucks now

  6. What do you call that line? I’m seeing him build a straight wall. Recently renovated our old house. So many of the walls are out of alignment. I guess it’s age?

    That said, was recently watching a programme featuring the best designd houses in the UK, and the winner was one where the walls were deliberately designed to be crooked.

  7. Genuine question – is the gap between each brick really just eyeballed like that? Like if he presses down a little bit harder on some bricks, the gap will be a bit smaller and won’t that have big repercussions later?

  8. I worked as a Hodtender (guy who supplies mud and bricks and builds scaffolds for the mason) for 6 months a few years ago and it’s amazing the things they can do with a trowel. It becomes an extension of their body. Never stops being satisfying to watch either.

  9. I have so much respect for tradespeople. We celebrate sports stars, music idols, film’s leading men and women and other such glamorous professions, but let’s give it up for those who make something like laying bricks look so effortless while ensuring efficiency.

  10. God that was a painful sound. Nails on a chalkboard. Immediately muted. Satisfying outside of that.