1. I hope all public insurances will cancel this. No more of our money for “magic”.

  2. Given that in theory, the professional standards of the medical chambers demand that doctors practice medicine based on the state of medical science, it’s ludicrous enough that there are still doctors asking their patients to use that stuff – and there used to be even a professional specialization, which thankfully, the medical professional associations are moving against as well.

  3. Definitely a step in the right direction, whoever believes in it can pay for it themselves. There are certainly more reasonable services that should be covered by health insurance.

  4. Very good. No money for overpriced placebos

  5. Excellent idea.

    I can’t believe that shit goes over the Krankenkasse in modern western state in 21st century.

    It’s insane.

  6. About fucking time

  7. yes my dude karl, delete that shit. if you want to give your kids arnica after they hit their elbow you do that, but don‘t make cancer patients believe it’s an actual, serious treatment option

  8. Yes. Please

  9. I would appreciate it if selling this quackery was illegal.

  10. There is no scientific proof (i.e. double blind studies for effectiveness and healing) of homeopathy. Opinions, publications, yes, but nothing scientific. Check “science cops”, a podcast on swr.de if your German is good enough.

    Homeopathy “heals” via placebo effects so if you believe it might help. It was developed in times of more “radical” medicine (bloodletting etc.) as a softer, more holistic medicine. Not bad for former times, but science has progressed since.

    Out with it, it’s useless.

  11. >__”Even though the homeopathy If the volume of expenditure is not significant, it has no place in a science-based health policy,” said the SPD politician mirror. “We will therefore examine whether homeopathy can be deleted as a statutory service.”__

  12. Finally! Just hope this goes through.

  13. Good. Hope he does it.

  14. I was amazed when I learned how common homeopathy is in Germany. Homeopathy is a U.S. level of absurdity.

  15. Long overdue

  16. That would be great if it happens. And isn’t just “a discussion.”

    That translation is horrendous though. I was going to share the article but can’t share such bad English.

  17. Next step: the government stops collecting church tax.

  18. German health insurances drop globuli support to 0.000000001%

  19. Just watched this Episode of an interesting science show [Mai think X](https://www.zdf.de/show/mai-think-x-die-show/maithink-x-folge-13-100.html)
    I really recommend it! 🙂

  20. Good man. That’s not gonna go over well with the crystal/Querdenker crowd. They hate his guts anyway for being far too sensible for them when it comes to corona. If there weren’t any other reasons, their salty tears alone would be worth it because fuck them.

  21. Good.

  22. Based.

  23. YES, finally someone is doing something about this nonsense.

  24. Homeopathic stuff should be sold by normal stores, not pharmacies and shouldn’t be covered by health insurance at all. Also, they have to adhere to the same rules and laws as other supplements, meaning you can’t print stuff on tue package where there is no evidence for.

    It’s a f*ing scam, why do people not realise this?

    Additionally, we should invest in better public health care, because I see that more often then not, people are not treated well by medical personell. There should be more doctors and nurses and medical staff. Also, pay them better.

    Sorry for the rant… 😓

  25. Never understood why insurers are willing to pay 800+€ per kilo for sugar while stuff like certain cancer screenings or proper dental fillings are somehow off limits for them.

  26. Nothing more then snake oil.

  27. Finally!

  28. Uplifting News!

  29. Just sell 5g of sugar for 10 cent, call them globuli for the placebo and it is fine. If people think it works, let them think. When they take it and it gets better (althought it would have been better with only waiting), then let them buy it just for their good conscience.

    But put the money into real medicine.

  30. Reply
    Physical-Result7378 October 7, 2022 at 8:27 am

    It’s about damn time.

  31. Good. I don’t want to pay this shit with my insurance money

  32. Good. I don’t want to finance this shit with my insurance money.

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