1. Now I understand the phrase, “Larry freaking Bird over here”.

  2. This is a good clip to show when people say Bird wouldn’t be as good in today’s NBA because of athleticism. Dominique is up there as one of the most athletic players ever, and Bird is toying with him.

  3. I never realized that the crazy 3pt shot he did towards the end that got the hawks players jumping actually DIDNT count to his 60 points, they waved it off for some reason.

  4. CMIIW I think this is the game where the Hawks management (?) fined their players (or something like that) for their bench reaction on Bird’s plays.

    I think Doc Rivers is on this team.

  5. Larry Hawk

  6. You know, I’m not entirely sure I could shoot that well in an NBA game.

  7. What game was this from?

  8. I think the answer to this might be really easy: aim. You could punch him in the face but his body knew how to adapt to get a nice shot.

  9. The leaning shot he takes from the near corner is so absurd. Only players today I could see hitting that are Jokic, Curry, and Doncic.

  10. Interesting that he took that last shot

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