Kurt-Lee Arendse’s Red Card

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+384 – Kurt-Lee Arendse’s Red Card

2022-08-06 17:31:56

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Kurt-Lee Arendse’s Red Card from rugbyunion

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  1. Does anyone know if beaudens algood after that? Saw him sit up during the live broadcast but never heard after that. Looked like a pretty severe head knock, and it’s not his first either.

  2. Feel bad for BB. He tried hard today and most likely will miss a few weeks. Hopefully he’s ok and heal up.

  3. All well and good people saying ‘he didn’t mean any harm’ but this is about as dumb as it gets, beyond reckless. Every player knows you have to be careful running at someone jumping for the catch, he showed no regard for BB’s safety and should be hit with a long ban. Only way to stamp out this sort of stupidity.

  4. Just the way Arendse’s half launched himself makes it look even worse, just terrible judgement and totally idiotic

  5. Love how the AB players around Kurt Lee were checking if he was OK. It was a shocker but the guy came off second best. Hope he’s allright.

  6. Horrible to watch. Probably gonna cop a 3 game ban for it.

    Hope to fuck Beauden is okay and plays again next week.

  7. Gross, reckless, dangerous, there’s no excusing it

    But it wasnt his first of these overshooting the chase, and it wasn’t the first time this game the ABs interfered with the man in the air – Gardner and his team’s refusal to do anything about it earlier in the game absolutely did not help

    Remember what kolbe got away with during the lions series? Not penalising those sort of actions doesn’t do much to prevent these

  8. Angus Gardner gave Arendse the green light to make a reckless decision like that. Didn’t warn him for the aerial challenges prior. It shouldn’t have to take “a player nearly breaking his neck” for you to actually do something ffs.

  9. Would this qualify for the mythical black card if they keep doing 20 minute reds? Anyway Gardner should go and apologise to the injured players for allowing a bunch of aerial challenges where the chaser is not realistically going to get the ball.

  10. If ever there was a use for the “that were diabolical” commentary, this is it.

    Absolutely dreadful, reckless and bone headed piece of play.

  11. What an idiot. Barely went for the ball, could’ve killed someone and it was entirely his fault. Utterly disgraceful, people complain about reds but that’s the worst I’ve seen all year

  12. So fucking reckless it’s insane

    Also, the idea that someone can do this and people think a 20 minute sanction (for “entertainment” reasons) is enough blows my god damn mind

    Edit – I know full well the offending player is off for the whole game, still think 20 minutes for the team is too light
    Edit 2 – also WR’s citing process has been a joke for years, SANZAR even more so, to think in game punishments should be less harsh and to then rely on proper citings is hilarious

  13. I am actually worried about Arendses wellbeing. It did not look great.

    BB got up and walked which was a relief.

  14. Lengthy ban deserved, his eyes were on the ball but made no attempt to even catch it, barely jumped and went shoulder first straight into Barrett